Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earn Your Stripe Sailor!

It's easy to earn your stripes!
Just watch Popeye!
This Spring, I can't believe how big Nautical
inspiration is. It seems to be bigger this year.
You just can't escape it.

Even Welcome to Burlesque by Cher was
inspired by Sailors & Captains.
i-zcream this opening scene!
Love it!

How to wear?
Stripes with everything!
Stripes with stripes even mix it all up!
So many option so many places...
Sailor moon, Sailor Club, Yachting,
to the pool party until to the clubs.
I'm thinking just for this Spring...

All outfit : Zara

Monday, February 21, 2011

Natalie Portman for Christian Dior "Miss Dior Cherie"

Natalie Portman for Christian Dior "Miss Dior" Cherie"

Directed by Sofia Coppola.

i-zcream Natalie & Sofia!
What a classy combination!

Definitely LOVE.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I didn't get you guys any fashion ideas on like how to
dress up for Valentine's day. I thought this day
you ought to be yourself with your love ones.

However, being quite sentimental as I am,
I just like to share some personal favourite of mine
thru' music & movies.
This is my all time favourite movie that I can watch
on repeat mode, 'My Bestfriend Wedding'.

I love Julia & the whole cast of this movie
including Cameron Diaz.
One great movie to snuggle up & enjoy the evening.
Perfect for this occasion and maybe perhaps
accompany by a bottle of wine & strawberries.
Get into an old school way of celebrate this
day of love, a movie, songs & just the two of you.
That's the best memory you could ever had for a long time.

Have fun guys! Be Safe.
I only wanted to say, Love you all my readers,
enjoy the day!

If you love someone just say it,
otherwise the moment passes you by...

"I like to take you to the church so you can walk down the aisle,
so you can marry the man of our dreams."

All lovers has their own songs, these are mine.
Like Jules said in the movie,
'this is on loan, until you guys find your favourite songs...'

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian for Cover of Harper's Bazaar March 2011 issue

Kim Kardashian on Harper's Bazaar March issue
looking really pretty & sweet.
Yes, back to basic, I must say.
Almost back to the 90's.
Clean great cover!

Flashback: Remembering Alexander McQueen One Year Later.

Today, a year ago,
we lost the most treasured person in the fashion industry.
Today, a year ago we all cried for the man who had
created magic to fabric & design.

Today, 11th February we lost Alexander McQueen.
A tragic that most of us still try to fathom.
A man of unique vision took his own life
after mourning of his late mum Joyce.
Which he could not cope...

I-zcream remember Alexander McQueen, today & forever.
Let's flashback to his last collection
& inspired with awe to his spectacular visual of Art.
Fashion will never be the same without his adored creativity.
He has re-written the history of Fashion.

It's difficult to imagine fashion without McQueen.
The bright designer of cutting edge & funky style
never failed to impress his dramatic showmanship shows.
Can't get any better that the real McQueen but
Sarah Burton will triumph in her shoes, I believe.
Let's have some hope still...

The last of the McQueen collection.
One can never imagine how much thought & work
done to this collection.
Pure genius, 'What's is in head?', I would say...
How did he get inspired?
Now we'll never know, the secrets will never be told.
For us to marvel his last work & ponder...
McQueen is the true style icon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be My Prada Amour...Valentine!

I zcream for these lovelies!
Be my lover anybody?
Anyone for Prada Valentine?
I love you! Mi Amour!
I love you bear!
And you & you...all the keychains, wallet &
that I LOVE YOU Saffiano leather bracelet.

Anything from Prada Valentine's Day Gifts
will make me love you forever!

Skip the over rated red roses!
Send me a Prada Bag anytime...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Be My Chanel Valentine

Every fashionista's dream, imagine a Valentine's Day
Gift from your love one from Chanel!
Your dream can & will come thru' this time.
Get your love one to see these beautiful
gift here! Send this link *Hint* him!

Hopeful he's generous enough to splurge!
Anyways, just tell him, it's once a year!
It's better that a dozen of roses.

Happy Chanel Valentines!
With so much love!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play in the Fountain of Spring

Spring/Summer 2011 
Fashion mood

Still can't let go of Faux Fur...
Mixed it up with Spring casuals.
Mash it up!
The good thing about Spring/Summer -
go with your flow of juice!
Create, innovate & improvised.
I'm still borrowing the best from past fall/winter
ideas & pieces!

Chambray shirts - H&M
Faux Fur Vest - H&M
Tee - Flea Finds
Black Denim - Zara
Accessories - Topman

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diesel Re-Opens at Paragon Store

Another favourite brand of us, Diesel
has just re-opens in Paragon Store, Orchard Road.
Check out their new store!

I missed the opening invited as
my schedule are pack.
I'm sure it was all fun!
Thank you for the invite!

Prada Opens at Marina Bay Sands

Fashionistas in Singapore & around the Region,
would be glad to know that, our favourite brand,
Prada has open another Flagship store at
Marina Bay Sands.