Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Battle of the Rock Royalty

The battle isn't over yet, in fact it has just begin!
Fall/winter is my favourite season, the time
of muted hues, shades of greys and tones of black.
All my weapons are polished well for this battle.
I'm loving studs, fringes, metallics, hardware finishings
and lots of edgy attitude layering.
Hot weather prevents me from all those
heavy military jackets which oh so gorgeous!
I'm a practical fashionisto but I'm a three piece guy.
Layering is in my blood.

For the Battle of the Rock begins..
May the best Royalty wins.
Black Is My Weapon.

What's your weapon?

Burnout metallic gold foil top from Zara.
Heather Grey jeans from Heritage Mens.
Fringe Vest from Forever21.
Studded scarf from Zara.
Pewter Dr Martens shoes.

Tiffany & Co. necklaces.
Agnes B. lock & key necklace.
Flea find Vintage gold gun brooch.
Prada blue Metallic leather bag.
Forever21 Fedora.
Gucci Sunglasses.

location: Mandarin Gallery

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Bloody REDRUM!

I would murder for Red.
Redrum, that little boy from 'The Shining'...
repeating the same thing again & again...
That's all those 'redrums' my obsession,
they're always in my bag.
I need them more than they need me.
I love them & they love me more.
My 'redrums' & I, we are one.

my lovely Gucci Babouska .
my handsome Bottega Veneta pouch.
my trusted Gucci card holder.
(I don't have a wallet)
my iphone.
my Sony NEX camera.

We are like Bonnie & Clyde.

What's in your bag?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Travelounge: Night boardwalk along Santa Monica

Cool sea breeze, no, actually chilly.
I'm wrap myself with my acid wash Zara scarf.
My mama always said, 'Never leave home without a scarf,
you'll never know when you'll need it'.
She was right.

Taking a stroll at night at Santa Monica was beautiful.
Breathe taking & upon looking at the moon,
felt like a child inside you wants a reborn.
Fun rides, roller coaster, ferris wheel & you against
your imagination...
Let's walk the boardwalk together,
now hold my hand... sweetheart...

I tried to run as fast & like Forrest,
I tried, everything that Forrest did, but I failed.
Then I realized that there can only be one Forrest...

Totally overwhelmed by Bubba Gump.
Bought me back to the part where by
I weeped upon the scene of Forrest beside her dying mum.
Amazing display & concept of this restaurant.
This restaurant is theme after the movie, 'Forrest Gump'.
Simply LOVE it.
They don't do this kind of movie anymore.

That's my delicious dinner for the night.
Flip the sign, 'Stop Forrest Stop' to
get the attention of any waiter and they will attend to you.
How awesome!
I'm such sucker for gimmicks!
That's actually witty & really works.
This is one dinner I will never forget...
Thank you Forrest & Bubba.
I already missed you guys long time before..
So glad that we met at Santa Monica.

Mama was right, life was like a box of chocolate,
you never know what you're gonna get.
Santa Monica was like a lost kid in you reborn...

Travel location: Santa Monica, Los Angeles

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't cha' wanna H&M in Singapore...fashionistas?

If you haven't got the news, let me it break for you.
The hottest fashion piece of information thats hotter
than Paris Hilton, 'That's hot!'
is that H&M is coming to our shore, finally!

Lanvin for H&M

Yeah! to most of us,
Nay! for true fashionista...

I bump into a friend in town and before we said 'Hi',
we exclaimed....
'Have you heard?!'
Then I replied 'yeah!'
and we talk about it like on & on...
about H&M coming to Singapore.
We said goodbye without saying, 'How are you?'
(gosh! where's my manners?)
...but hell 'ya it was such a powerful small talk!
We understood each other & concern about
our feelings regarding this issue...
She's a stylist and travels a lot and both of us do.

H&M in Americana, Los Angeles.
(Wish I could show you more pictures of this store,
but the security was tight..)

Small talk meant to be let just me tell you...
she don't want H&M to be in Singapore.

It's something to look forward to visit H&M stores
when we're travelling!
Now it won't be special.
Not in the, 'Where to go?' list.
Not in the, 'What to shop?' agenda....
To which, I agreed.

It's like a treasure not to be found here
that you'll gain bragging points
when exchanging fashion buys with your friends.
'Oh! Got this fabulous top from H&M in Japan!'...
(with twinkle starry eyes..)
It's also well serve as a starter topic to chat with fashion people
& acquaintances in parties.
It all started with this H&M top which led to when, where, the weather,
the flight, the service...on..&...on...&..on...

Well, most of us travel to Hong Kong to get quick
dose of H&M fashion which is near.
I do love H&M, the only piece I got
was a Lavender Top which still hangs in my wardrobe.
Wore it once.
Got it while I was in Harajuku a year ago.
Oh!! the weather was so cold &
it was Christmas in December.....(got my point?)

Lanvin for H&M

In fact, I did blog about it!
To know what my sentiments about H&M
coming to our shore or to see pictures of H&M Harajuku
read here.

I'm so much in love with this Lanvin for H&M commercial,
saw it first in LA, in my hotel room & I can't seems to
get it off my mind.

H&M will reach our shopping paradise shore only next year.
Where else in Orchard Road.
'Till then get some Lanvin for H&M in Hong Kong
or anywhere else if you're travelling.
You still got a change to brag.

P.S. I think my prayers has been answered...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Travelounge: Take me ride Carousel at Orange County

Love this shopping mall where it seems so much
wonderland, not your city life mall.
Captivated by the vintage carousel in the middle of nowhere.
I was seriously like infectious with the motion of it all...

Stroll down the walkway with endless surprises on every corner
and soon I want to be embossed in the moment of it all...
This is where I lost my virginity on the first bite
of crunchy delicious apple dips which comes in
various sinful favour...
I lost it to Chessecake.

Travel Location: Irvine Spectrum, Orange County, Los Angeles.
photos copyright of

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Travelounge: Thanks for Everything Hollywood!

Everybody has a dream in Hollywood,
Everybody wants to make it there,
The fascination of glamour & fame,
Bright lights capture your eyes,
Stars, Oscars, Mickey, Marilyn,
Beverly Hills & Walk of fame!

Its where everything else begins...
the story of 'Pretty Woman' walking down Rodeo drive...
Romancing Sunset Boulevard.
It must have been LOVE...
and now I understand truly.

Thank you Billboard for zcreamin',

To you, 'till we meet again, with Love...
I'll miss you.

Travel location: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills
photos copyright of i-zcreams.