Friday, January 29, 2010

The Guy with the Big Chanel Bag

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Miah Tay, Designer
Shopping at Mandarin Gallary.

What a Big Chanel Bag.

Do you like his bag?
What bag do you carry?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prada Fall Winter 2010/2011 Menswear

There is something that Prada wants to convey for this collection. You got to find it yourself. She wants to send out a message but fashionista have to think harder than looking at the clothes because there's nothing to shout about. There's no dramatic hair do or hard to walk in heels. Nothing. Just bunch of models rushing about in pretty everyday clothes. Well, that's it,that's what she was trying to say.
After previous shows which she was showcasing falling models, mad women hairdo, some unfavourite bags and torn dresses. She was excused with the infamous quote...well it's Prada.
This time it's about urban life. She also mixed ladies collection for this show. It's not the collection that stood out from the crowd, but the presentation of it all. The hall interior design and the music. I was surprise to hear ATB 'It's a Fine day' Techo version with...check this out, Nirvana 'Rape me'! Plus shakesphere Sister's 'Stay'. All this a Prada show?? How can this be?? It's Prada show you know! Well I can hear you all Sistas and Fashionista mimiking this. I bet some of you Fashionista don't even listen to Nirvana. They are classic favourites of the real Urbanist Playlist tracks for the New Yorkers, the Londoners or perhaps even Singapore. Fashion has substance now's no longer just carrying a designer bag will make you a fashionista. Designers are now evolving so hard for ideas. We have to find the reasons ourself. This time round she is saying, 'You want real clothes? Shut up and get this!'. Well like they said...'The Devil will always wear Prada'. This one I say is for the substance-stability kind of fashionista. The real Devil in disguise.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2010/11 Menswear

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2010/11 Menswear

When you thought skulls and bones are getting boring and way past off the season, Alexandra McQueen saves the day. I love the prints! I love tribals influences and I love skulls! I never thought this two elements could fused so well and McQueen vision makes may dreams came true! I simply can't take my eyes off that fabulous prints. I adore so much of acid wash look and effects on fabrics. I want those coats and trench! I will wear that fur winged coat! This whole collection is so amazingly wearable compared to what he had done past collections. Compared to what other designers had showcase for this season! Fantastically styled co-ordinated assemble. The Vibe is smart hardcore edgyness, not for the elementary. McQueen serves for dramatic-act-club. Yes...I really want the winged fur coat! Plus the bags!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Strip Naked....Almost!

He's the new face & body for
Armani Men's Underwear
and Armani Jeans
Spring/Summer 2010
Cristiano Ronaldo

i-zcream Better than David Beckham!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Megan Fox Strip for Armani

She's the new face & body for Emporio Armani
Women Underwear & Armani Jeans
for this Spring/Summer 2010.
Megan Fox

Fashion Photographers: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott

Tom Ford ' A Single Man' debut flim

Tom Ford from fashion to film!

Collin Firth, Julianne Moore, Tom Ford and Nicolas Hoult
stars of his debut film 'A Single Man'

Where has Tom Ford been all these while? Well he was busy making a film!
It's been five years since the immaculate designer left the Italian fashion house, GUCCI, telling the world that he was going to change career. Since then, he has not left the fashion world totally but has been working on his on label. As expected, his first film, A Single Man, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival yesterday, is heavy on style. It's also remarkably polished. That's Tom Ford, style is the key to his work.

Set in Los Angeles in 1962, A Single Man is the story of George Falconer, a British college professor (Colin Firth) who is struggling to find meaning in his life after the death of his long-time partner, Jim (Matthew Goode). Yes it's a gay film. We follow George through a single day, where a series of encounters, ultimately leads him to decide if there is a meaning to life after Jim. George is consoled by his closest friend, Charley (Julianne Moore), a 48-year-old beauty, and is stalked by one of his students, Kenny (Nicholas Hoult).

Here's the trailer of 'A Single Man',
influences by MTV style-like. Julianne Moore playing Charley
was revamp by Tom to look more stylish and fashionable. It works so perfectly with her. Can't wait for the release of this film.
Never such a beautiful film that comes by often,
this one is definitely a watch.


Nicole Ricci with white Balenciaga

Have you ever had a mouldy leather designer bag after keeping it too long in the storage?
I bet at least you heard about it before...
Did you experience colour transfer form your denim to your favourite bag?
I know it really hurts when you experience this....

So.... here are some tips that you can help you to prolong your designers leather goods,
not only bags but even shoes and jackets!

When you purchase the goods, get to know what kind of leather that you are getting.
Most of us do ask about the material but knowing it deeper is a great knowledge.

There are a few kinds of leather / skins which are being used for a high end products.
Here are the beakdown of commonly used leather in the luxury industries:

  • Rigid
  • Structured
  • Uneven grains (depends on the finishings)
  • Usually used to make wallets / tote bags
  • Very durable
  • Soft
  • Usually dyed but has unfinished coating.
  • Smooth (Very fine grains)
  • Fluffy
  • Moderate scratches visibility

  • Light weight
  • Soft
  • Supple
  • Prone to scratches
  • Easily peeled due to abrasions
  • NEVER LET WATER TOUCHES YOUR BAG! (Basic for all kinds of leather)
  • Use leather balm / moisturiser cream at least two months, once!
  • Apply a thin layer of balm on a soft, white cloth. Rub in circular motion till the balm / moisturiser is fully absorbed in the leather. By doing this, your are putting moisture to your leather goods. Leather are like human skin, we need to moisturise them. By not doing so, the bag WILL start to AGE! Thus this will cause cracks!
  • Air the bag in room tempreature. Just unzip / unbutton the bag for half an hour after you balm the bag for ventilation.
  • Keep the stuffings for the bags. This will maintain its shape.
  • Always use the provided cloth bags when storage.
  • DO NOT USE DEHUMIDIFIER. Eg "Thirsty Hippo" etc. in the bag storage area as this will somehow cause the leather to crack.

These are the most expensive leather that you could find in the high-ends. I would advise those whom actually own this material to send back to the boutique for professional advice.


Please note that there is no way that you could get the colour off the leather.
Even the professional cleaners will not be able to do the dry-clean to its peak condition.

The only way to prevent this, I advise is to avoid using light colour bags with dark denim.
It is alright to use denim with dark colour bags as the transfer will not be obvious to be noticed.
However there is no worries if you are wearing WHITE jeans!

So there you go, some tips on maintaining your leather goods.
Do keep in mind to seek professional advise from the boutique associates
when you are purchasing your DREAM BAG.
I am very certain they would share the knowledge with you....

Buying your DREAM BAG is an INVESTMENT.....
To MAINTAIN the bag is actually LOVING IT!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Excuse me, are you a....BITCH?

This article may be offensive to some.
Content include sexy pictures!
Also reading it may be contagious and influence to yourself!
Read it at your own risk!

photo by

She's everywhere. She can be whoever we know.
Bitch also can be a male.
Really?? ( act SURPRISED..with big twinkle eyes)
Yes darling....
Why is it alright  for most of us to be so comfortable
or get so engross in using that word?
As if that's the only word in your vocabulary, beside the word FUCK,
Who is this BITCH?
They can be anyone!
Friends, Teacher, Your Boss, Sister or a Stranger.
So if someone called you a Bitch.
Why? SO?
Lindsay Lohan got no problem with that..
Let's analyzed...
Which kind of BITCH category you belong to?
Let's find out Bitches!!


1. BFF. Yes your Best Friend Forever!

photobucket gallery

The one that's always stick by your side in everything!
Ready to defend you in any hostile situation and fight along side your side!
In time of crisis, she will swing her Marc Jacob bag at your enemy.
Cry and laugh with you....aww...
You girls are so comfortable with each other that you claim her as....
 'She's my Bitch!'.

2. Public Enemy. The no.1 in your HATE list.

photo by

This person is somebody you know well enough.
Something had happened that soured your relationship with her. She could be your ex-BFF!
your ex-classmate or even ex-boyfriend! She has done a terrible deed to you, for example back stabbed you, slept with your boyfriend and does everything she could think of to hurt you emotionally. Heated arguments, harsh words and occasionally cat-fight will occur when you two cross path!
It became so terrible that everyone knows about it.
You have no second thought to make it public,
 as your fiasco with her continues over Facebook!
You casually update your status as..."Ugly Fat Bitch! Go to hell!'
After which you'll tweet too.

3. Your Demanding Boss!

photo by

Let's Face it!
Not all of us are lucky to have a nice boss. Especially in the fashion Industry!
The unlucky ones have to endure his/her demands and attics.
These bosses are hard to please. Think 'The Devil Wear Prada"
Worst part of it, when they like to micromanage everything! Throwing you projects and datelines and supervise your every move! Wants you to update her/him on every little detail.
 In moments of chaos, you smiled at your boss as she/he slapped another project on your desk,
 in your heart, a silent SCREAM echoed....
"You Son of a Bitch!"

4. Drama Queen!

photo by

This girls is a attention seeker.
She wants to be popular, all in a wrong way.
She wants everyone to concentrate and talk about her.
(Reminds me of Lohan)
She's selfish and childish. She don't care for the other's needs.
She'll do anything to get attention and try to outshine everybody ( that includes little girls).
Will  post cam-whoring pictures of herself online every minute.
Talks of unimportant topic, gossip and will mimic like a child. She usually comes from a rich family background. This is because she thinks that she can get away with everything she does.
At a most point, she can be so irritating
that you walk off and say...."Stupid Spoilt Bitch!"

5. Queen Bee!

photo by
She's the talk of the town!
Beautiful, sexy and popular! She could be a celebrity.
A cheerleader or a someone with a title, Beauty queen, Debate team,
Class Head, School Community or does Charity!
She has a clique and every girls wants to be like her.
She's a role model. 
When she speaks everybody listen and
she get invited to all the cool parties.
Most important of all...boys LOVE her.
When you see her catwalking down the hall,
with her nice outfit and neatly do go..."Lucky Bitch..."

photo by

Such a strong word.
Some people may get offended by it.
Some seems Love to be associate with it.
Maybe it's too phat?
Maybe it's becoming in the society?
Maybe she's born with it! (sing it with Maybelline's jinggle)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taylor Lautner Naked....Almost!

Taylor Lautner.
Love to bare it!
Here some pictures of this hunk of Twilight
which some of it look fake.
Can you tell which one??

The first picture is fake, which is easily to spot.
Which looks almost gay porn.
His face is too small for the body and the position is
almost unreal.
The above picture look realistic.
Paparazzi shot?

Surely it's obvious Photoshop,
his face doesn't sit well with
the body.

This looks the real Taylor.
What do ya' all think?
Team Jacob fans?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

H&M Harajuku Japan

With so many shopping malls opening up one after another in this small country of ours, we always get the same-old-same-old. After Ion, Orchard Central and now Somerset 313, I thought, maybe some new brands might come. Yes we have some boring brands like NewLook! Others well don't even worth mentioning...then you have same player. How many Zara you need in Orchard Road? When all you get is the same bad arrogant attitude sales staff? That's all a different story all together. I don't want to write about Zara poor sales service, because it's not worth it..let them be... Gosh! Back tracking my dear... So Fashionista might ask this question again & again. When in the world is H&M is coming to our shore!? Puzzling but yes! When? Why? Why? until now this brand is not making it's presence here? Can anyone tell me? After seeing some H&M in other countries especially this one in Harajuku, Please make it happen here! and please don't make it under WingTai again! Enough of them already. We need different player in the market for better economic structure and more job opportunities here for fashion lovers! Even Uniqlo is under them. How can every brand in the market is under WingTai? It's so unhealthy! So hopefully we will expecting H&M in the future....with different management that will shake the retail business here!

Ladies wear at 1st Level

1 level of mens wear

mens wear

trendy ladies wear
Spacious and visually impact

Main entrance of store

5 Level of shopping heaven

This stand alone building of H&M in Harajuku Japan,
just beside Forever21 is fierce competition. Both has it's own following!
Clever Fashionista knows which one to choose from....

Travelounge: The Cliff, Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel

The Cliff over at The Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel
is a 5 star dining establishment.
This restaurant specialize in exclusive gourmet cuisines.
It's chef are very creative and knows the
best dishes suitable for his guest
and cooks in an open showcase kitchen!
Serving staff are professional and attentive.
However prepare to love seafood as it's taste
are unique and takes you to a higher plate.
You will feel the art of fine dining here.
I love this place which located right by the cliff overlook
the South China Sea. Classy setting and cosy lighting.
Definitely a high standard of dining experience.
Thank you chef of your delicious soup!

The Soup, complimentary from the chef

Main Course


Bon Appetite

The Cliff,
The Sentosa Resort & Spa
2 Bukit Manis Road
Singapore 099891

Travelounge: Lights! Secrets of Sex! Food in Japan!

When the day turns to night, Shibuya doesn't sleep! 
After the heavy downpour, I was so bored in the hotel that 
I decided to take a stroll down the road. Didn't expect anything but just wanted
 to enjoy the cool weather and the sights of the street by night. 
The temperature dipped, luckily I was prepared with my leather ZARA jacket! 
As I walked down the street of Shibuya at 8pm, the roads are getting busier... 
maybe people on their way home from work. many guys just loitering around the streets. 
Braving the cold, I searched the alleys & lanes for adventure!
 Upon close inspection.....that last me till midnight these are 
what I learnt about the city of Shibuya....

The Fabulous Shibuya 109. I love this place! Non stop
levels of shopping! What you need you will get it here!
Mostly street fashion wear and I'm Loving it!

This Order & Pay Vendor machine. Order & pay here.
Get your ticket, pass it to the counter and get your food!
So fun that I wanted to bring this machine home!

The Lights! Billboard! Almost blinding you!
They are everywhere and of course I'm Loving it!
Wish Singapore have more Billboard!!

This yummy mighty delicious hot soba that comes
in a tiny bowl! Simply home-made-powerful! So good that
I wanted to bring the chef home! The best part it's cheap!

The inside of the eatery. Small & cosy.
I'm telling you, the best food are from these
local eatery and not from the restaurant! You'll find
real authentic dishes here. Recipe from the traditions & brought
down from generations.

The delicious eatery shop!
Very home-made food.
Just lucky to stumble
to this place!

Tuck in the back alley...just across the eatery..
I saw this! Well curious... I did
venture in... to find you know what..
Sex toy! Penis pumps, vibrators of all sizes...
OH! you know....the usual suspects!

Not sure where I was...I keep going in further
the lanes & saw many video shops.
Small ones and this big one!
I figured that it's must be a video
renting shop! So I went in and it's not...
The rent video alright! but it's porn!
Customer can view the video in the comfort &
privacy of your own room. So all the guys that I mentioned earlier standing
on the streets were actually pimp and they are from these shops!
They are looking for customer for sex shop and I was daring enough
to approached one of them. Sadly they don't understand English.
I don't speak Japanese. All he said in English that I could fathom was,
'Girls...Drinks Happy Hour...'

This is a smaller sex shop. Selling all kinds of
sex toys & videos. I say it's really cool!

The Lights of Shibuya, colorful and captivating.
What you need you
will find in the street. Sex? Food? Happy Hour? Billboard! Fashion!
Shibuya 109! Many other High End Brands too!
I love this place!
So much to embrace! The city breath a different air from
day to night. The best part of it all...these places are just next to each
in a walking distance.
Happy travelling & adventure if
you're heading to Japan!

Travel location: Shibuya, Japan