Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prada Marfa

Don't worry about coming here to shop or the welfare of the salepeople.
This is Prada boutique in disguise.
Its an sculpture designed by Scandinavian artist Micheal Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset.
Location: Isolated highway of Texas, USA.
Partly funded by Prada Foundation

Twiggy revival at MiuMiu Fall 2010

 Fall 2010

I hope its still not too late to talk about 
Miuccia Prada's MiuMiu Fall 2010.
That's the reason I put the video up front first 
as if it would not look too late, so to speak.
Watch it now! First!
Hey! we still heading for Fall so it's not too late.

Miuccia's MiuMiu collection was about the Love from the sixties. 
Think of Twiggy with slim long silhouette, which shows more legs.
Very Mod inspired with clean lines, high collars and structured yet finished
with soft feminine details of large thin bows and rosettes. 
Bold colours and lots of blacks. Love the fact that she did lots of 
'Little Black Dress' for this Ready to Wear collection.
Which made the outfits wearable. Cute Commercialism!
I would imagine that MiuMiu will replace the boring office wear.
Reviewing this collection it is possible.

Love the details of this rosette which is Mary Quant-ish looking.
Spreading the love everywhere from shoes, bags and dresses.

I am seriously loving these floppy bow collar, add a zest of
class for your usual outfits. Understated yet a talking piece
for cocktail parties.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Ad Campaign

Louis Vuitton has finally unveiled its Fall/winter Ad Campaign
 I love it!
The choice of models! The theme of nouveau riche!
Prim & proper ladylike styles. The socialite girls.
Oh what make me smile more was when I saw Christy & Elson.
The other model being Natalia Vordinova.
I am such a big fan of the 90's Supermodels.
Fantastic group, they really compliment each other well.

After seeing Christy in Bally Ad, she seriously should continue to do campaign.
She still look amazing!
Thanks Marc Jacob for this beautiful Ad.
It bring you back to the era of 50's Hollywood Glamour,
restyle to modern status.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, these girls play doll up
in some Hollywood backstage make-up room.
Great pieces from Marc Jacob runway collection of 
corsets & full circular skirts with clean fresh make up with high ponytail.
Simply good old times is back again. 

Flashback : Remember Versace Ads

Remember this?
Freaking awesome Editorial
by Steven Meisel with Madonna.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's in your D&G Bag Guys?

Menswear Spring/Summer 2011

D&G S/S 2011 menswear is appetizing!
Appetizing, because the theme is about simple
thing in life that was almost forgotten and abandoned, 
Take inspiration from the styles of the 50's.

I always thought that menswear is the most challenging
collection for designer to come up with.
For this, it is always embedded in my mind
that menswear are expected and not exciting to feature.
D&G S/S menswear 2011 is not the exception,
but the grass runway, the leafy background
with old home videos showing on the wall got me invited.
So invited to the theme that I almost wanted to 
plan for a picnic the next day! 

The collection feature looks that
 mixed prints of tropical flowers with checks.
These styles are timeless and welcoming.
Checks trimmings on sleeves, hem, collars and anywhere.
Reminisce the old table cloth in grandma house.
I'm happy that stripes are no where to be seen.

So, what's in the bags guys?
What's for picnic today?

Time to indulge in life simple moments.
Leave those busy schedule and datelines behind.
Take a your bag, stuff it with picnic delicacies,  
Switch your suits for these mixed patterns looks,
(which could represent your chaotic life)
and tell your boss,
'I'm taking off'

But please don't tell your boss that you read it here.

Watch this fun D&G fashion show here!

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Georgia Lee Rocks Alexander McQueen

You know how I love McQueen creations. 
It's feels closer to home that seeing this picture of Singapore famous fashionista 
and aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Georgia Lee, rock this snake dress by McQueen.
She was seen at Milan Menswear Spring/Summer fashion show.
Must say she look fabulous!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stella McCartney hates its but she did it anyway

I can of understand where she's coming from.
What is resort?
Resort is just another collection for commercialism.
A preview of ideas what designer are toying with or is 
there a better/nicer word of explaining?
At last, for me, its just for fun sake!
Another piece of collection to feast for 
the visually hungered eyes.
Maybe a 'Lost in Translation' collection, Resort.

While, we all fashion people waiting for the next season
to pass, Spring/Summer done & over with...
Fashion people need something to do...
Let's create a collection! 
But for which season/reason?
Called it 'Resort'
People will love it! 
Ok...let's do it!
So Stella McCartney hates it but she did it anyway..

...and I'm glad that she did.
Usually, I surpassed this ambiguous theme 
( Resort, yes that's the theme)
 and cover it under 'Small Talk' over the tables with friends.
I decided to share Stella McCartney's Resort collection today.

Taking affection towards the silhouette, micro-shift dresses that 
shows more of Magdalena's legs.
Flower prints.....(reminisce of early Spring)
That's it..Resort is early Spring!....still...
It's the prints that I love which looks
I love it!
Not much to think about,
Just enjoy Resort....

Why Stella hates the word 'Resort'

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