Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Out of your HELL Hole!


Spirits & hell ya' lots of other demons 
parading their fashionably outfits.
Enjoy these captured souls, haunting to show their
best evil personality!

I was the tortured dysfunction Coco obsessed with pearls.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Part 2: High Fashion Monster Killer Ball

 Don't be scared pussy...
It's the continuation of Halloween moods.
This time the high fashion devils are out to play.
It's about darn time, take a look at these gorgeous models. 
Devilishly looking divine ready for the dark side.'t's one of the deadly sins.

Couture Halloween!
Sound terribly fantastic that would woke up the dead!
However, (those heels! MURDER!)...
these models & celebrities were celebrating
Vogue 90th Anniversary masked ball recently in Paris.
I am ENVY!
Kill me.

SO? Mask anyone?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vintage Halloween Fashionable Costume to DIE for!


It's a wonderful time of the year! 
The crazies costumes are to die for, the videos kill the radio stars
soon after they back with the sweetest vengeance to rule the 
underworld once again. Annie in her granny cardigan & conservative shabby
clothes with a huge sledge hammer in hand ready to break someone guys ankle.
Beware if your name is Paul!
 Misery is ALIVE!

Carrie White the quite demure girl...sweet innocent as a new born baby..
with an attitude of a raging phoenix once emotionally interrupted.
She did love her mother to death, literally...
"They'll laugh at you!" her mother voice echoed in her head 
once the blood splashed on her.
They said, revenge is sweeter with blood for blood and they all died..

It's a bloody wonderful time of the year!
Kids are 'OH! SO....adorable' in costume.
Knocking on door with basket full of candy corn.
Just make sure, before you open the door,
they are not one of the 'Children of the Corn'.

You'll never be alone...
Someone is watching you...
Witches, zombies, murderers & victims are your
company for the night. Let's Mr Frankenstein show
you how. See no evil at who's your friend this night
pass no judgement as we are all the same.
We are thirsty for bloody fun time.

Are these children too cute?
Cuteness can be lethal too!
Whatever your poison is...
Have a ball of freaking time this Halloween!
Get SPOOKY with these!

BOO! Again they say...the dead will never remain dead...
to be continue....

Photos randomly from Huffington post & Photobucket

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marc Jacobs Bang Fragrance Launch

The brand new Marc Jacobs fragrance for men was launched
22nd October at Mandarin Gallery boutique for Singapore.
Few months ago, we were so excited about
the 'Oh so HOT!' poster of the designer himself.
All of Marc Jacobs himself in the ad,
wearing only the fragrance bottle strategically covered in place.
Now the Fragrance is here.

The party was attended by the hottest local male
celebrities, namely....
Tay Ping Hui, Nat Ho, Allan Wu & Randall Tan.

We all had our 'private' moment with the HUGE poster 
of the nude Marc Jacob in the Marc by Marc Jacobs store.
I'm loving the mystic scent of it coming from 
the abstract silver bottle.
So have you had your 'Bang' yet?
Guys get yours now!
Ladies get it for your man!

Marc Jacobs & Me

Tay Ping Hui

Nat Ho

Models promoting 'Bang' to guests in store.

Thank you Marc Jacobs Singapore Boutiques for the invites.