Friday, December 31, 2010

I cried when I saw this...farewell 2010..

I didn't prepare any post for the New Year, I didn't have the time...sorry.
Didn't even thinking of posting anything at all.
I was just resting & reading status on Facebook.
My mind was blank...until I was looking at pictures on my blog.
I was doing a lot of changes on my blog the last few days...
and I was having 'creative block'. I wanted a new change for my blog.
Editing & deleting some stuff...and
saw all the old posts... and started to reminiscing.

Gosh what have I done?
Where am I?
What is this?
Is that me??

Some make me smile, some made me laugh hard!
Some are just plain silly. Some made me so emotional...
Most of the time, I was rushing between time, places
& spaces that I didn't take time to breathe...
I didn't notice.
I did not take the time to enjoy the moment.
But at the end...
looking at these picture above...
I did!
I did what I wanted to do for the longest time.

I want to capture me...I wanted to preserve a memory.
When I was young, I hated to be photograph.
Now that part of me growing up was not preserved,
it seems that I didn't all.
My childhood memories are just in my head,
and soon they will just fade away...

I was afraid to have a picture of me taken then.
I was afraid people would laugh at my pictures...
because I was a fat kid...
Now, I know that I was never born skinny..
I was not meant to be a model...
I knew that long time ago...
and I've been thru' all the agony of
wanting to be skinny & being accepted.
I guessed I've grown out of it.
The only acceptance and approval that I
need is from myself.
You can still laugh at my pictures now.
I don't mind at all. Seriously.

Now, before I die, at least my dearest friends
& love ones know that I do exist...
and they have a place/pictures for that...memory.
I was never a model, you can hate me
for being vain, shameless or over indulgence of oneself.
I'm just carrying on with life...
Life is who you are, that's God's precious gift
to you to make use of it in this moment.
You will never have a second chance again,
which you already know that.

This moment of life cannot be under utilized
because there's more inside of us then we know.
Moving onwards, a new year is here..
I don't want to make resolutions.
But I want to remind myself & you fabulous
people who has been there for me from the start,
to face a 'BRAVE NEW YOU'.
Because sometimes, we face obstacles alone...
and it's hard to do it alone.
I know a lot of you out there are so talented and gifted,
shine thru' this year! Make it happen!
Do the things that you always wanted to do!
Be in the picture!
The ones who laughed at you are the ones who are lost inside...

With this, I bid farewell 2010...
welcome 2011!


p.s. Don't hate me cuz' I'm a fashion blogger.

Thank you.


A new year is a chance for a new you, make it a brave one!
Here's to a Brave New You for 2011!
Make it Fashionable!
Happy New Year!
Wishing the absolute best for you!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Definitely Fashionably 'Dysfunction'!



Don't go color blind on Fashion darlin'...
Monochromatic or black & white is the most
wonderful fashion theme that can ever happen.
It can never be out of style.
"Dysfunction' Spring/Summer collection by
Depression People is one almost too perfect example.

The collection for both mens & womens are
androgynous, which is fantastic cuz' it's
all about personal style now.
Choose your own kookiness with these
great pieces with new lovely silhouette.
This collection is an eccentric looks of the best
fashion influences from Gaga to Mary Quant
to almost Neo-Nautical.



I'm loving the Mens collection, of course!
Monochromatic is one big fashion trend for Spring/Summer 2011.
Be it in Black or White or other color palette that you love.
Mixed it up with lines, patterns & textures to
achieve this fashion looks, or else just...
Revamp up your wardrobe with some of these great pieces!
Get 'Dysfunction' this Spring/Summer with Depression People at:

Parco Marina Bay, #P2-21
Far East Plaza, #04-41
Pictures from depression website.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Travelounge: A Christmas Special Around the World.

So, this is Christmas!
What a wonderful time of the year, where places are
nicer and so do people. (Yes! we are nicer around this time)

Lovely atmosphere, the weather is right...
the mood sets into your heart, love, peace & harmony.
This is the time also to reflect & be grateful for
all the things that HE has blessed upon you.
Share! with the people less fortunate that you.
Pay it forward, the agendas that you have hold
in your heart.
Give some and get back some.
Expect nothing in return.
Smile generously....

The awesome part is when you got to see the
celebration out of your town.
Here are some of the places in Los Angeles
when I was there in late November.
These places are already decked out in
Christmas lights & decoration in full show!
I'm glad & thrilled to have experience this.

This is a small town of Pasadena.
Great place to hang out for shopping & dinner.
Love the view of this place, where you know
that you're really not in Singapore.
There always a similarity in places where you think
that, 'oh! we have this like in Singapore'.
...but not this.
The feel is totally magical, with the lights
& esthetically, I never seen it before.
Almost like a movie set!

Grove in Los Angeles is a spectacular small
cozy town, it's like a mini Orchard road.
It's dazzling with lights all around.
I love the tramp ride, the vintage train bus
run across the area to take you within Grove.
It's so fun especially at this time.

This is where friends & family meet & hang out.
Just to enjoy the view, have dinner, a movie
and enjoy each other company.
Click! Click! Click!

This quirky decorations crack me up!
They are part of Christmas display in
Central World Mall, Bangkok, Thailand!

So now you guys know where I took & pose
with my eyes closed with this picture.
The bloody red velvety sofa was so
comfortable that I wish I could bring that home!
Check out more of these quirky & fun
OH! So adorable!

I'm loving Mariah Carey's New Christmas Album!
This one she performs 'O Come All Ye Faithfull' with
her mother, Patricia Carey!
What a talented family!

'till next Christmas...
I wish you the all the best things may bestow upon you..
Enjoy this one!

Have a Fabulous Fashionable Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

By the woods by the woods

Lost in the woods, could be just like lost in your heart...
Don't lose yourself babe or your fashionable identity.
Stay true and don't be blue...
Woods by woods you travel searchin'
for where you belong...
It's in the woods, that we will find our roots...

Finally, when the sun shine thru', you'll realized
that who we are truly....
That...there's always a part of us belong
to something else...
we are fashion people,
we need to travel to keep up...
with the style, trend and the fad..

It's our history, in the woods...
Where it's all begins.
From the roots, sticks & stones...
the rich brown soil, the fallen leaves...
Finally, from the crisp air of the woods
that we breathe.....

We realized that we are just wonderer on this earth.
We all are, no matter who you are...
Someday, we will return to our roots.
By the woods by the woods....

A wanderer, like you, I have found mine...
There's always be a bohemian child inside.
For Fall/Winter warm season, the child is born...
this time it's military inspired with mixed
feel of a luxe traveler....

Don't get lost.
Find your fashion roots.
Who you are?
What is your style?

Decay Beautifully....

Zara Tee, scarf (tie-dye)
Forever 21 scarf (black with wooden beads fringe)
Just Cavalli dirty Brown Denim
Bonia Vintage leather shoe.
Balenciaga leather Bag.
wooden beads necklace & bracelet flea find from Australia
Marc Jacobs Sunglass
Black Topman Fedora
Brooches from Bangkok flea find.

Location: Singapore Botanical Garden

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Best Picture Contest!!

Hey fabulous!
'Tis the season of giving!
This Christmas, I wanna share & celebrate
with all of you especially the readers who
has been zcreamin' with me!

Send me your best fashionable, stylish, party
or just a picture of you capturing the
spirit of the Holiday!
As you know, I'm all about moods & inspirations!
Anything goes!

The most AWESOME picture will win
a $50 shopping voucher!

'Tis the season to SHOP!
I love to shop and I want you to shop!

So, what are you waiting for?
You'll be shopping for free!

Oh! Did I forget to mention?
The winner of this contest
will get to choose the choice of her/his
shopping voucher!
Be it Topshop/Zara/Forever21 or others!
Just tell me where you wanna shop
and I will get you the voucher of that brand worth $50!

Send me thru' email or simply post your picture
on my facebook page! Indicate, 'X'mas Contest!'

If you need more clarification please contact me.
Contest opens to all Singapore readers only.
For my international readers, my apologizes!
If you wish to send your picture across for fun sake,
please do! I will mention your site name if you have a blog/page!
Let's get in the fun & get that VOUCHER!

Dateline: 29th December 2010.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering Model Bonny Hicks, SilkAir flight 185 Crash 19th Dec 1997

On the 19th of December 1997 SilkAir Flight 185 crashed
into the Musi River of Indonesia, Sumatra, killing everyone on board.
The news that shocked the nation will always be remembered
by all loves ones & dear friends.
Bonny was one of the passenger, she died at the age of 29.

I missed Bonny so much...that every year at this time
I will read, 'Heaven Can Wait' by author Tal-Ben-Shahar.
The book eulogized her, covers a honest short-lived
intimate of the mind friendship between Tal & Bonny.
A friendship that lasted a year, sparks
intellectual & profound conversations between them
was brilliantly written by Tal.

I had the chance to met Bonny years before
she died, I remembered being so shy meeting her.
She was a beautiful & a stunning lady, a model definitely.

I smiled before her & she presented me
GO magazine with her autograph on it
I was thrilled!
We never spoke, but I will always remember
her smile. I knew she was special.
Special enough that God loved her more.
Her autograph, I framed and it sits on
my writing desk, like a little shrine until today.
Every time I need inspiration, I look at Bonny.

Dear Tal,
Where ever you are,
Thank you for this gift.
Thank you for the note.

I've never forget to spread light & goodness
wherever I can or go.

Where I am right now, I have learnt something or two...

It's the light themselves are always in front of us, sometimes
we just choose to be blind.

Reminder to another human being justice & forgivable
and that is wholesome goodness.


I always wonder, until today,
that there will be no other model/persona in Singapore like her.
A talent, a God send, a message behind
that ourself need to unfold, she was almost an angel.

Till now, I believe that don't wait for time,
do the things that you always wanted
to do before you're gone...
Do it now. Do it right.
Do it beautifully.
That's the message for myself...
because like Bonny had said,

"The brevity of life on earth cannot be overemphasized.
I cannot take for granted that time is on my side—because it is not....
Heaven can wait, but I cannot."

People can say what they what,
if we keep listening & be afraid...
we can't live, we can't move on.
We need to change, that's part of life process.
It's our responsibility to make sure our soul
can't be mundane or life is useless.

She will always be my inspiration for this life.
I will not plead, 'Bring back my Bonny to me',
because I know she's in a better place now...
that because of her,
I am alive.

Thank you Bonny.

Bonny Susan Hicks.
January 5 1968 - December 19 1997.
A model, a writer & Philosopher

Bonny also written:
Excuse me, are you a model?
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