Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prada B.Y.O Bag

Prada Bring Your Own Bag, is a expensive version of Eco Bags.
All in the name of saving mother earth at a high price.
Doing your grocery shopping with Prada B.Y.O Bag will not
give you a good bargain I suppose?
But It's adorable I say.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chanel Cassette Clutch

Oh Karl! What a teaser you are!
How brilliant!
 Temping all fashionista with such a clutch!
Feeling kinda 80's and in the world of fast technology
you present us with this Chanel Cassette Clutch!
Travelling back in time for inspiration.
It's fun, sassy & silly at the same time, love it!

Karen Elson turn Singer, so did Naomi Campbell

Model Karen Elson turned musician and released her album,
The Ghost Who Walks
Check out Karen music video above.

I love the vibe of it.
It feels like playing country girl singing after a hard day of farming...
and then for a moment.. I thought I saw Katy Perry...
And she play the guitar! Nice!

Looking good Karen.

Karen with hubby Jack White.
Love the top hat.

LOVE this photo shoot she did, in promotion for her new debut album.
Dear Karen, 
If the music thing doesn't turn up well, 
please return to the catwalk.

(Goosebumps ahead)
I remembered Naomi Campbell did an album
some...some...some..time ago.
Let me check. (RESEARCHED!)
It was in 1995 that was a long time ago!!
I never actually remembered but I heard about it and only came to mind
when I saw Karen Elson news, her turning into a musician.
 I actually love Naomi's song!
How weird?
Sadly her album was never release in the US,
a flop in the UK.

Listen for yourself.
Naomi Campbell song,
'Love & Tears' from her short live singing career album, 'Baby Woman'
She should have change her album title to 'Bitch Woman'
and maybe it will be a HIT!
She ain't no baby woman, I say.
It's all wrong from the start....

What 'Ya Say Divas?
Remember that was in 1995.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Marc Jacobs Pose Nude?

Designer Marc Jacob stripped and bare all!
Nude for his own new fragrance for men,
I say he's getting hotter by the day!
The most desirable designer around!
Indeed BANG!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dress up Singapore! It's James Bent!

Dear Mr James Bent,

The news about 'someone' taking pictures of trendy people 
around Orchard Road was buzzing around..
When I heard about it, I told myself, not another one! 
Not believing the news from the little birdie 
who whispered to my pretty ears, I brush it aside. 
Then little birdie keep chirping and said,
 'Go out Moey, he could take a picture of you!'. 
Little birdie was so eccentric about this mysterious guy
 taking pictures around town of trendy people. 
I let the birdie chirping away...

Seriously, I told myself, Trendy, Fashionable Singaporeans?
Do they exists?
All I see everyday, Singaporeans in their 'normal uniform',
 which is tees, jeans, bermudas, shorts, flip flop!
I gracefully trying not to include...
'CROCS!' (closing one eye to that word)

Please enlighten me,
 show me the way where are these Trendy Singaporeans.
Little birdie came back to me the next day and 
told me to check out 'Outre' on the website.

Which I did and I'm happy.

Happy to see that there are Trendy & Fashionable Singaporeans.
Happy to see Good Photography.
Happy that somebody did a good presentation of it!

That somebody is you, 
Mr James Bent.

Fashion is a bitch. 
Its required tremendous hard work.
Every profile you took is a masterpiece that cost sweat out of you.
The process of going around town, taking pictures of people is not an easy task.
In the end of it, the result was fantastic.
And I love it that you input some personal touch of yours,
(the picture of a cat, the parrot and your shoe!)
Kudos on your dedication to this tedious work.
Thank you Mr James Bent for Outre.
Its another platform for the fashion
people or general to be excited about.
Also a source of inspiration for all.

So I'll cheer the people of Singapore,
Dress up! Dress up! It's James Bent coming your way!
Dress up Singaporeans!

I will thank little birdie soon!


All pictures by: Outre by James Bent 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'I am Love' Tilda Swinton

Is it me or the new issues of some magazine are
 arriving to the shelves early?
Gosh I have not done with my May issues and they are
 becoming on my bed.
 I have Taylor Swift sharing my bed now Dennis Keller & Tilda Swinton
will be my new companion. How weird the combination can be?
Time to catch up....So while 'they' lying comfortably 
(they're a mess actually) in my bed... 
So I start to picture killer them...
See my beautiful comrades of ladies....
The Cover girls...

Bazaar Singapore June with Klaudia 
Vogue USA June with Angela Lindvall
 (There's a fashion spread on Shalom!)
Issues out now.

Daze & Confused with Tilda Swinton
has two different covers of hers.

The other is the picture above.
Love Tilda's covers! 
Wanting to get both covers but I prefer this one of hers with long curls.
Elle Singapore June with Denise Keller.

oops..I think Taylor Swift is on the floor now...

'I am Love'
 Tilda Swinton new movie soon to be release.
This Trailer reminds me of Tom Ford 'A Single Man'
Visually fashionable.

I AM LOVE tells the story of the wealthy Recchi family, whose lives are undergoing sweeping changes. Eduardo Sr., the family patriarch, has decided to name a successor to the reigns of his massive industrial company, surprising everyone by splitting power between his son Tancredi, and grandson Edo. But Edo dreams of opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio, a handsome and talented chef. At the heart of the family is Tancredis wife Emma (Tilda Swinton), a Russian immigrant who has adopted the culture of Milan. An adoring and attentive mother, her existence is shocked to the core when she falls quickly and deeply in love with Edos friend and partner Antonio, and embarks on a passionate love affair that will change her family forever.
(That's from youtube)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Agyness Deyn Falls Fashion History

Many of you would have known by now that Agyness Deyn falls in
a recently Charity Fashion show for Haiti organized by Supermodel
Naomi Campbell. She didn't survive the walk wearing that 7inch Burberry platform.

In fact, Agyness fell twice.
At the end of her ordeal she decide to took the shoe off.
But she wasn't the only famous models that has fallen down the runway during a fashion show.
Coincidentally the organizer of the fashion show, Supermodel Naomi Campbell
was the one that made fashion history by falling down in Vivien Westwood fashion show.
So does Agyness fall 'outshine' Campbell? I guess not. 
That platform Agyness wore was nothing compared to Campbell's. 

Who would dare to walk in that shoe?
Miss Campbell did. She tried and bravely walk but...
well you know what happen.
Oh my... you could broke your leg or ankle if you were to fall hard.
That's one of the professional hazard of being a high price
Supermodel. One fall could make or break you professionally.
You could disgrace the designer and eventually get blacklisted.

I'm truly feel the agony for theses models in this Prada Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show.
They look terrified walking down the catwalk in those heels.
Yes this is one of Prada 'famous' fashion show.
Oh did I heard that few models refused to do this show when they saw they heels?
Miuccia always love making models wore socks with heels
season after season.
That's the part making difficulty in walking, its slippery.
I love the shoes but it's impractical.
I wonder what happen to that model who falls and took off
the heels, did she survive after the show? Did she get a trashing...
I mean it Miuccia, you know...

Watch this hilarious clip where the news presenter couldn't stop laughing
watching the model falling. 
Just for laugh. Trust me you will join in.

Flashback : Remember Versace Ads

He was the King of fashion back in the 90's. Let' flashback to the moment
where Glamor was so HOT! Every celebrity in Hollywood wants to
wear Versace gowns and wants to be in his fashion Ads.
I remembered when I was in school back in the 90's,
I wrapped my text books or my fashion books with one of these
many gorgeous Versace Ads. After which I would protect it with plastic covers.
Then the next couple of weeks I saw couple of student doing the same!
I saw books wrapped in Guess ad the one with Claudia,
 the one with Anna Nicole Smith and many more!
It's was amazing and interesting.

Singer Bon Jovi

The Supermodels.
Guess we never see shinny vinyl or patent back again in fashion.

or these gaudy prints ever! But Versace made it so famous that became his
signature in fashion.

Its classic masterpiece by Richard Averdon

Claudia & Stallon.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld

Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld
(Chanel Cruise 2011)




The One Helena Posing Nude

I had posted an article about this gorgeous profile of 
Supermodel Helena Christensen last week,
where she obviously posing nude for Rebook Advertisement.
I love Helena and the Supermodel of the 90's (you should know by now)
Hence, when this Ad was up, I was delighted and eccentric!
As again I confessed my love for Helena, but of course
 Linda Evangelista will always be in my top list.
Why the fascination about these Supermodel you may asked?
I do love the new wave of the supermodel, yes I do, if you're asking? do you?

Here I love her.

Oh wait..that's Tilda...She's an actress.
But oh my golly WOW! 
She gives bloody good fashion profile and pictures.

Backtracking aside, I do have a story to tell....
That picture of nude Helena...
made advertisers from my site to pull out.
I received an email from 'THEM' indicating that 
they found my site to be 'Adult' content.
Thought I would be in trouble, frantically almost immediately
 (after impromptu thinking)
wasn't making a fashionably wise decision...
I DELETED Helena....(GASP!)
I was feeling fine...doing my own routine aftermath...
Suddenly almost immediately 
(after impromptu thinking, again)... 

Why did I do that?

That picture of Helena is truly inspiring, note that she is 41 years of age.
If I thought of deleting that picture just because of Advertise are pulling out,
well I'll be damn. Let me be stoned for my foolishness. 
Let 'THEM' go.
Stand up. Stand up for Fashion. Stand up for Helena.
Stand up. 
Stand up of peace...
(for a moment I felt like Elle Woods)

Fashion and Sex.
Sex Sells.
What's new?
I don't have to write a thesis about this.
Everyone knows.


Calvin Klien



Once again, sex sell. 

P.S. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde Movie. Maybe not a substantial credit but definitely adorable.

P.S. Oh...The original line was...'Speak up...'

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My California dreaming....

In my summer dream,
there's a child in me whom spoke of love, peace and
things that doesn't matter....
Things that everybody should be free...
This Season bring me so much closer to my dreams...
where things that I love, I witness in most of designer's
Spring/Summer creations...
From Chanel to Louis Vitton,
My California dream come closer to mind than
reality... I enjoyed the best of these marvellous
fashion treasures. I rallied...overjoyed and

I'm dreaming being Bar Refaeli in this Fox Video...
being a hippie child...

I'm dreaming being Lara Stone in
Louis Vitton Ad Campaign...

I'm dreaming of being in Cavalli's Ad....

....and Runways....

I've always love Cavalli dresses...
(these are from his last season collection but still I adore..)

...I'll match it with one of these Chanel bags.....
(thanks daddy Karl for these beautiful bags..)

....with one of these Chanel footwear.... my dream,
shall always been a dream...not a midnight summer dream because that would be
to historian literature (to me) hard to fathom...
Dream of a child who grew up too soon....
Until the next Season comes...I'll keep these
moments in my mind for our next rendezvous..
where I'll find comfort from my
Love Child dreams...

Miss Goody Two Shoe Exposed!

Once there was a fashionista who lives in a Prada shoe.
She got so many shoes that she don't know what to do.
She got Jimmy Choo, Dior , Louboutin and
many other designer footwear.
She was famous for being Miss Goody Two Shoe...

Shoe makes a man or in this case, the shoe makes a Lady.
It's tell us the complete profile of a person.
 It convey a story...
Well fashionista knows one can never have too many shoes!
It's a platform for a successful outfit.
If the shoe fits well, it'll take you places like you never been before.
You'll received compliments that will brighten up your day.
It's shows your creditability in managing your wardrobe.
Your ability in choosing that right pair of shoe from
the moment you set your pretty eyes on it until
the moment you swipe your card (or you paying cash).
The process of it will gives someone to wonder....
"Where did she get that shoe?"

Buying a good pair of shoe is vital.
It's suppose to provide you comfort beside being of course fashionable and trendy.
Personally for me, having going on with love hate relationship with shoes,
comfort top the priority.
Now I love shoes and have a dozens of it!
Second being style and color. If that particular style is hot and in trend for that season,
asked yourself if....

it's really suitable for you?
Is it your personal style?
Does it match your wardrobe?

We don't have to follow trends.
Fashionista are smart shoppers and knows her personal style.
Trends are there to guide us. Telling us what's the season hot colors, the cut and style.
For instant, the best example is Doc Martens.
Where Street girls match it with dresses and everything!
Not all everyone look good in it.
 As these boots scream attitude and funky.
You need some kind of charisma to be able to carry that boots.
I actually bought a pair of red Doc Martin because
 its so in trend.
Sadly after one wear, my feet was punished
with so much blister!
I had to endure wearing it and thank God for
the compliments I got or else I would have taken it off!
Still I love Doc Martens!

Someone asked me this question,
"Is branded shoes that important?
Why can't I buy ABC shoes, it's trendy and cheaper?"
So my replied to her was that it doesn't have to be branded.
Comfort is most important and buying a pair that last.
You can buy 10 pairs of ABC shoes just because it's cheap but
it won't last. In the long run you'll be spending more
on ABC shoes because it tears easily.
Compare to investing in one good
classic designer shoe, you save more!
To me Bags & Shoes are investment pieces!

 That pair of shoe must protect your
 feet beautifully inside and out.
But of course once you purchase
a pair of designer shoe you won't stop!
Because now you understand the feel
of its quality leather and workmanship.
The smoothness and comfort that
it provide becomes your bestfriend....