Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fashionista can go thru' anything!

It's been a while since we talk.
 I miss you guys! Thank you for all the new
friends, followers & fans ( if any..*smile*)
How has things going on for you?
Fabulous I hope!
Yes, it's been a while since I did
an outfit post & write something like I'm really exist.

So this time, I thought I would do a personal post.
Hoping that we touch base somehow.
With all the Press Release & Invites,
I really appreciate all of them, keep them coming!
However, please excuse me if I can't make to your event!
Thank you to all the PR agencies! You guys ROCK!
Big Love!

As my saying goes, 
"Fashionista can go thru' anything!"
Be it a bad hair day, walk on heels the whole day!
& beat everyone on the next trend!
Fashionista will survive!
Fashion is so fun! 
And no one can ever deny that from you!
Be whatever your gender, bodyshape & kookiness,
try to look gorgeous in some way everyday!
Life is to fleeting not to.
You're born this way! 

At this point of time, 
As we carry on with our daily fashionable routine,
do remember our friends in Japan & other parts of the world.
Whom their lives has change & never be the same.
We are blessed & I want you guys to
spread your blessing around you.
Keep it rocking you guys!
Until next post!
Happy Easter!


Outfit post:
Zara Military Jacket.
Stripe short from Bangkok find.
Zara Tank Top.
Gladiator Sandal from Bangkok Local Designer.
Scarf & Necklace H&M
Balenciaga Bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglass

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Come to my Art of Window Display

How many times have you walk pass a shop and you have to go in
 because the window display grasp your attention?
Your hearts melts like soft butter & you have to make a purchase.
That's the power of Window Display.
Shops don't need to put a gorilla in the window.
Well, with exception of the picture above....

I love &  appreciate a good window display.
You'll know that the brand puts an effort & thought
in dressing up their windows by the presentation of it.
Clean windows are most priority!
A concept, usually a message that the designer/boutiques
wants to convey.

We can't deny that the windows are the soul to the boutiques/malls.
The importance of it will make or break a brand.
The ones thats stand out provide a deep impact,
its like watching your favourite movie or a play.

You just want to be affiliated with that brand because
you feel that you've just found your new bestfriend....
You need to spend time in the boutique/mall,
get to know the merchandise, look around,
try something you fancy and finally to the cashier.
Knowing that today you're not going to spend but 
because of the window display, you did!

Here are some window display that gets my attention
while I was in Bangkok.
Some of these window display are so extra ordinary & unique.
Most of them are from local designer boutique!
Everything is thought process and paid attention to from
the frontage of their store to the interior design.
It's make shopping more fun which is what shopping experience
supposed to be!

Your eyes are not playing a trick on you.
This is supposed to be a view from the top.
All props & mannequins are mounted from the wall.
I love it!
I must say Bangkok local designers ROCK!
Thanks for the creativity Bangkok!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacob 10th Anniversary Fashion Show

Female & Nuyou 

Catwalk show featuring

 Marc by Marc Jacobs SS2011

Marc by Marc Jacob is ten! 
To celebrate this, Female & Nuyou 
presents a fashion show featuring MMJ Spring 2011 collection.
This event was held at Pit Building on the 12th April 2011.

I love Marc by Marc Jacob and had the
prestige of attending this glamourous event.
i-zcream congrats MMJ for being 10!
May more great fashionable moments to come!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ashley Isham New Store in Orchard Central

i-zcream is please to announce the opening of
Ashley Isham New Store at Orchard Central.

Ashley Isham, one of Singapore’s most prominent figures in fashion, 
unveils his fourth retail store in 
Orchard Central – Boutique and Parlour by Ashley Isham.
Set to be Ashley’s first ever multi-label concept store, 
the duplex will house an array of international brands that are available exclusively at Boutique by Ashley Isham, as well as a tea room serving bespoke crepes, cakes, champagne and cocktails – Parlour by Ashley Isham.

“I wanted to do something different with my new store, 
to bring freshness and excitement to the Singapore retail scene. 
That’s when I came up with the idea of opening my very first concept store, 
something that is very unique to Europe.” says Ashley Isham. 
“This compliments the current Ashley Isham and A.I. stores 
in Fullerton Hotel and Mandarin Gallery, and brings together two of my
 favourite things; desserts and dresses.
 I’ve selected some of my favourite brands such as 
Reckless by Raphael Young and Farah Khan – whose elegant and sometimes 
playful designs bring a certain sense of effortless chic which I love.” 

The collection at Boutique by Ashley Isham will feature an array of
 clothing, accessory and footwear collections specially picked out by Ashley himself. 
On top of AI by Ashley Isham, shoppers can expect Catherine Deane short dresses, Farah Khan jersey dresses, Modern Love by Sarah Arnett printed dresses, Lotus London Handbag, Babe accessories, Acrobats of Gods Shoes and Maloles ballet pumps amongst many others.

·         FARAH KHAN
The eponymous label by Dato’ Farah Khan channels the inner goddess 
in every modern woman. Through its signature hand-crafted embellishments, the collection is empowered with effortless glamour, sophisticated style and timeless elegance. Vintage elements and styles are seamlessly coupled with modern details and interpretations – every piece becomes a unique and timeless collectible.

·         Modern Love by Sarah Arnett
Sarah is an illustrator & designer. Graduating from the University of Brighton, Sarah originally trained in woven textiles. Her career so far has seen her create a range of beautiful print dresses, illustrations, wallpaper and interior textiles. Modern Love is an unashamed fusion of influences, producing stunning clothing that is artistic but still wearable. What sets Modern Love apart is its use of exclusive prints in limited editions, in colours that enhance and radiate, on clothes that wrap and touch without restriction.

·         Lotus London
Lotus London is a young British brand, evolved in 2002 from a mother & daughter's love of their time spent living in India and the Far East. Lotus has very much grown since conception and now represents the epitome of fashion for luxury-chic lifestyle. At the core of Lotus's design ethic is the support of traditional Indian artisanal skills, which teamed with Lotus’ signature design produces exquisitely embellished, wearable and timeless pieces, made with love and care for fabulous style seeking women of the world.

·         Acrobats of God
Brainchild of Texas-born designer Nicole Brundage, Acrobats of God is a way of expressing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Inspired by the singular focus of brands like Repetto and Castañer, as well as the sporty edge of Alexander Wang, the shoe line is a mix of woven elastic and leather shoes featuring funky wooden heels and a pretty unique vision.

·         Maloles
Maloles Antignac launched her eponymous collection in 2004 with the introduction of her signature ballet flats. Since then, the brand has expanded to include a full range of heels, oxford shoes, pumps and boots. Maloles mixes elegance with stylishness, yet in a distinctive manner - never too serious and always playful. Freshness, sensuality and off-beat sophistication are the keys to femininity according to the designer.

·         Reflex by Raphael Young
As a child, Raphael Young anxiously anticipated summers spent in the factory with his uncle, Alexandre Narcy, a renowned bottier who created the shoe studio at Yves Saint Laurent in the late 50s. It was there that Raphael’s nascent interest in fashion and design first piqued. Today, Raphael makes each prototype from stitch to finish – a rigorous method few of his peers still employ. With technical skill to rival his aesthete’s eye, Raphael creates shoes both stunning and perfectly balanced – undoubtedly some of the most striking (and comfortable) on the market.

On top of bringing together the best in fashion, the multi-label boutique
 offers a special twist with Parlour by Ashley Isham
a tea room nestled on the upper level of the duplex.
 Everything about dining at Parlour is a unique experience – with custom decorated 
walls by renowned Goodrich Global dubbed ‘Love, Peace and Timelessness’, 
and specially customized cakes and crepes by Malaysian based Humble Beginnings.
 Parlour will also serve up custom mixed Cointreau with kum kuats and blueberries, 
named ‘Mon Amour’ and ‘Mon Cherie’ respectively, 
and specially crafted by Ashley himself.

Prices are from $79 dollars for a t-shirt up to 
$650 for dresses in the multi label range.

Boutique and Parlour by Ashley Isham 
is located at Orchard Central Singapore, 181 Orchard Road,
 #01-27 & #02-07.
 Opening hours are from 10am to 9pm daily. 
For more information on the designer,