Monday, March 7, 2011

What Women Want - Prada Fall Winter 2011

Prada Fall Winter 2011 Women wear.

Prada Fall Winter 2011

There's a reason why all the pictures from Prada fashion show were
display first before any text. I was hopeful that you would love the
pictures that I had edited and that you would go, 'awww', 'ohhh'
and what have you.
Looking at these pictures, don't you feel that you want to
own a piece of this collection (I know I want to)
whether that little fur cape, that snake skin bag or boots or
that fish scale dress in pastel pink or that fur mod dress.

What else can you asked for from this Prada show.
It got everything of what every women lust list
would be in her ensemble; snake skin, fur, sequin & pink.
Miuccia Prada know what sophisticated women want
and she delivers this time yet again.
It wasn't overpowering yet strong statement.
Her tradition to portray women as innocent fashionistas continued
from her previous fashion shows.
This is why I love Prada, it's her thought process
of profiling a women before executing a collection.
She makes sure that this women exists & comes
to show her true colors or skin.
This time as we seen it comes in many forms of
snake skin, sequins & fur.
So choose your skin!

P.S. I wanted to blog about this Prada Show so badly once I saw it,
but I had to leave for LA, as you know it. So even if you have seen this collection before,
let's share this moment once again with me this time!

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  1. I also notice that there are no tattoos or an accessory which keeps it more in the realm of a look that is driven by an activity, such as athletics, and not by a desire to display personality. There's a certain amount of integrity and spontaneity in dressing to do something instead of looking like something.
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