Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Air from the Virgin Suicide

There's something about summer that unleashed a mix of emotions.
Like putting your face in the sun makes you feel like a child.
A way of innocent, wanting to throw yourself in the heat and be lost.
A way of thousand expression, wanting to be free from things that bind you.
A way to fulfill a dream..

I came so close of being a dreamer like Cecelia, in solitude, up
in trees or in the middle of tall grass field writing.
In mind of Lux, wanting to experience love in summer,
moments later had it & lost it, all in one night.
Being like the five of sisters, wanting to breathe the moment of
life at that moment of time as who they was.
Just like who we are.

Every Summer, I thought of the Lisbon sister, I don't know why.
Maybe its the effect of the enigma they left behind,
 just like the boys who narrated the story in the film. 
Maybe it's not the Lisbon girls but Sofia Coppola's brilliant
direction & story telling.

That's the reason why, the story was never told,
it haunting me wanting to know more.
Sofia lets you decide to solves all uncertainties yourself
by the clues she left behind in the film.

This Summer air seems to reminisces the pan look of the sisters,
the innocent aura that lingers here.
There's so much time cannot erase and the 'Virgin Suicide'
is one that will refuse to heal.
It came strong in fashion, like of MiuMiu.

'Till next Summer, enjoy the liberation & exhilaration.
Feel the passion & write it down like Cecelia's diary.
However do not just dwell in dreams.
Own it. It's yours.
Free yourself.
I just can't wait for Fall.

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