Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kandi Treats Me Jelly Beans

I feel like a peacock.
That's how I want to feel exactly!
What have you in trend right now with all
the craze of color blocking & tribal prints,
I mixed them up!
Seriously, why do we love fashion?
I love it cuz' I love to be versatile (try to be sometimes),
but don't force it if a particular trend doesn't suit your style.
I love to be experimental but I'm not a scientist.
I love to mash trends up but I'm not Madonna. 

So whats surprisingly, fill in your own blank, sometime excites you.
We need some poking around so that we can have fun & most importantly to be alive!
I love to think that fashion has no boundaries,one perfect example; Lady Gaga (enough said).

So the other day, I was shopping at Topman looking, shopping around.
After a while I was damn bored... I almost cried.
I was bored like I'm watching Dior Fall Collection recently.
The same old tees & jeans, repeating same season
after season after season... I shall not go on...I need some excitement!
I hold my Marc Jacobs bag tightly & down I went to Topshop.
Looking thru' racks of merchandise, OH I DIE!...I saw a peacock!
It was beautiful almost magical moment that got me inspired.
I pick it up, try it on, love it & pay! This kimono inspired peacock print is mine.

Fashion point taken as I'm trying to say above, lets try not to limit ourselves sometimes.
We have to innovate, lets not be conform to comfort.
We will be surprise by ourselves & thus lifted our soul for a moment.
Creating these moments are crucial for we will live fashionably.

Another surprise or moment that I would like to share with you
is that the accessories I'm wearing in this post are sponsored by
the wonderful & creative people of Kandi Treats.
Kandi Treats Jelly Bean is a versatile accessories which
can be worn or style in so many ways! WOW!
Here, I'm wearing it as a necklace & as a bracelet.
Beside this, Jelly Bean can be style as a headband, camera strap,
bag charm, belt, bag strap, hair tie & many more depending on your own creativity!
I am also wearing a Polynesia necklace by Kandi Treats.
A real special treat! They rock my outfit!

More treats! More treats!
I am giving away a Jelly Bean from Kandi Treats to a lucky reader! 
Simply email your request to me, title; "I WANT JELLY BEAN!"
The first email that I receive the accessories will be yours. Good Luck!
Thank you Kandi Treats!

Kimono inspired peacock print - Topshop
Black Tank - Zara
Cap - Ed Hardy
Long Wallet - Givenchy

Accessories sponsored by:
For more info or to shop at Kandi Treats, 
please go to:

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