Monday, June 21, 2010

Coco Chanel furious mad about Chanel 2.55

Looks like she going on a war.
She mad & furious.
Oh Gabrielle, why are you looking upset?
Nevertheless, this is such a classic portrait of
Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

Chanel 2.55 Bags

Coco Chanel who has been fed up and mad with 
handbag holding and wants to emancipate her hands. 
Thus, she added a long thin strap on her Chanel handbag.
 In 1955, the original edition was designed by Coco. 
After revision, this kind of handbag was officially named “Chanel 2.55”. 
It traditionally features thread vein leather, Burgundy style lining, 
double C padlock and the original square buckle at the front.
It became an Iconic bag of fashion history.
Prices for this iconic bag may vary depending on size and fabric, 
and in which country you buy it. 
Expect to pay upwards of $3000.
Its a worth the investment that every 
fashionista should have in her wardrobe.

Celebrities with their Chanel

Katy Perry looks great with her Chanel

Jessica Alba with her Classic Chanel

Oh excuse me...since we are on this bag topic,
Is it a trend now for guys to carry
 a Chanel 2.55?

Its an observation and a disturbing one.
Some Fashion Blogs in Singapore are showing these guys
with their Chanel 2.55. Snapped while around town.
Break the rules might say?

Lord save Coco

I cringed in between sweat & 
crossed-eyed when saw this,
that's how my emotions erupted.
Its truly not a good feeling.

Some things are just designed for the ladies.
This is one of it & Chanel 2.55 meant to be that way.
That's Fashion. 
Not showing.

Alexa Chung. Check out that colour!

Just save it for the ladies.
They carry it better.

Victoria Beckham with her huge Chanel

Rachel Bilson with her pink trim Chanel

So tell me whats are the odds here in Singapore that
guys seems to carry Chanel 2.55 bag?
Did anyone ever sees them before?
Did someone ever advise them its just doesn't look
good on men/guys?
A guy's built doesn't compliment the bag,
no matter how fashion darling softness you are...
Its a handbag after all.

I LOVE Chanel bags!
Who doesn't?
That's why the darlings guys can't resist...

The biggest size croc reissue on Chanel window display


"I do not make fashion, I am fashion"
Coco Chanel

P.S. No pictures of these guys but you can peek at other fashion blogs,
because it will never be display here.

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