Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gaga may learn from my one & only Tori

I once wrote that I truly admire Lady Gaga playing on the piano and 
I once said that she reminds me of Tori Amos.
That was when the song 'Speechless' 
was so popular after 'Paparazzi' and now 'Alejandro'.
Gaga always perform 'Speechless' on the piano and
  everybody fall in loves to bits and pieces.
Wait a minute! This is not another Lady Gaga post isn't it?? 
Sadly to say, 'YES', It's not even a nod.
It came to my disturbing attention and this throbbing beat in my head 
that seriously I need to write this up. If I don't, I might wake up the 
next morning feeling distress over 
not saying what I believe in. 
I believe in peace. (borrowed from Tori's 'The Waitress')
In a serious note that may cause a tingling sensation in your brain saying, 
'What are you trying to prove?'

I'm not a fabulous write but again this is not rocket science.
Peace have descended to me before my precious
 bedtime and hell I'm still awake,
 because Gaga wasn't wearing her heart on her sleeve,
on her originality department.
Thousands of Gaga fanatics was so in love with her.
She was definitely as an entertainer. 
I, too was captivated by something that I never seen before.

The rational of what has been observed that I'm trying so hard 
to fathom and harder to swallow was,
Maybe, just maybe, in this time 2010, by this moment,
everything in the world especially in the fashion and
music scene has been done. 
Her rise to fame story was almost to similar to certain a celebrity, 
playing at clubs and gigs before she was discovered.
Madonna went through hardship before she was
 discovered and this I mean really discovered.
Lady Gaga is a brilliant and a smart girl.
 She knows the history of the music world and
does her research well. Very well.
She has all the answer to all the questions.
 Like the cheesy saying goes,
'Only smarties got the answer'. (Irritating!)
She loves the influences of the great artist
 of the 70's, 80's & 90's.

David Bowie, 


 Grace Jones 

and Tori Amos. 
Tori Amos my one and only.
I can't describe in words about Tori. She is such an individual,
 always on her own world and a genius artist and musician. 
I can't help it that Gaga has learn or borrow something from Tori.

Tori is always showing her true self especially on the piano. 
She not apologetic at all for her behaviour or how she looks when she perform.
 Not saying 'Sorry' or 'Pardon me', just 'Shut up or I won't play'
attitude which Gaga has taken from for
her own performances in 'Speechless'.
Strangely Tori live performances are way better than on her CD.
Its just amazing, her voice and the music are united and becomes one.
The bond between the artist and her instrument seems alive that it
never fail to give me chills whenever I watch her videos. 
Times and times again.

Gaga recently released 'Alejandro' video, critics has badly compared
 that of Madonna's which I sadly agreed.
Which I had post about it earlier.
Came to mind that 'Speechless' was too familiar of Tori Amos. 
With all these comparison and similarities is Gaga really original still?

I still say yes. Yes to her music.
 She taken everything and tries to make it her own.
Her music was almost of Bowie, her behaviour was almost of Madonna and
her piano playing was almost of Tori.
The best that came out from Gaga is the her music 
is a representation of these artists.
Gaga is like the decadent of yesterday sound.
Re-style to fit the times of today.
For today generation, today music, today fashion for
salutation of yesterday artists.
Let them live through Gaga's music, antics and performances.
Let's still sing and dance to Gaga.

With David Bowie in mind....

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