Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Lady Gaga Alejandro Video see it!

Lady Gaga Alejandro music video,
the waiting is over. There's no need to crash the web
in search to view this Video.
Gaga Fanatics must have been waiting and searching for
Alejandro that some site crashed because of too much demand.
No more waiting more..
Waiting in anticipation to know what is 
she up to with this latest music video of her.
Lets me analyzed this.... 
Its an immaculate collection of Madonna MTVs.
From Like a Prayer, Justify My Love, Vogue
and you try to spot on!

The Gaga Vs Maddy similarities

1. Like a Prayer - About Christianity which Madonna once in the 90's
tries to convince the world that she wanted to re-invented this.
Mixed Sex & Religion. Wearing crucifix in 'sensitive' areas.
The world was almost convinced and she escape from her Religion finally.
She rest her issue now and file it under 'Cold Case' file until
Gaga re-open it for Alejandro....

2. Justify my love - SEX, SEX, Promiscuous SEX.
Frocking around in bed with men in almost nothing.
Suggesting sexual moves and motives.
Just having random sexual partners with excuses
of LOVE but with no string attached.
This video was once banned and was consider soft-porn.
Gaga was just not sexy...She just freaky.

3.Vogue - Vogueing with group of gay (gay looking) men.
Madonna invented Vogueing and the world accepted.
The dance people love it!
Gaga did this in a couple of moments
with a group of gay-looking men
( I being too straight forward? gosh this is fashion baby!)

Overall, I love it still, it was dark & moody.
Love the make-up, really trendy and modern nothing over the top.
But... the rifle bra...
Gaga really borrowed from Madonna's.
Kinda...been there, done that.
It's alright to borrow once in a while...
Gaga you're a trend-setter!
Stay that way!

Here it is,
Lady Gaga
Music Video

tell me what you think?
Did you spot Madonnas 
snap shot resemblance videos?

Thank you to for the Video

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