Sunday, May 9, 2010

Miss Goody Two Shoe Exposed!

Once there was a fashionista who lives in a Prada shoe.
She got so many shoes that she don't know what to do.
She got Jimmy Choo, Dior , Louboutin and
many other designer footwear.
She was famous for being Miss Goody Two Shoe...

Shoe makes a man or in this case, the shoe makes a Lady.
It's tell us the complete profile of a person.
 It convey a story...
Well fashionista knows one can never have too many shoes!
It's a platform for a successful outfit.
If the shoe fits well, it'll take you places like you never been before.
You'll received compliments that will brighten up your day.
It's shows your creditability in managing your wardrobe.
Your ability in choosing that right pair of shoe from
the moment you set your pretty eyes on it until
the moment you swipe your card (or you paying cash).
The process of it will gives someone to wonder....
"Where did she get that shoe?"

Buying a good pair of shoe is vital.
It's suppose to provide you comfort beside being of course fashionable and trendy.
Personally for me, having going on with love hate relationship with shoes,
comfort top the priority.
Now I love shoes and have a dozens of it!
Second being style and color. If that particular style is hot and in trend for that season,
asked yourself if....

it's really suitable for you?
Is it your personal style?
Does it match your wardrobe?

We don't have to follow trends.
Fashionista are smart shoppers and knows her personal style.
Trends are there to guide us. Telling us what's the season hot colors, the cut and style.
For instant, the best example is Doc Martens.
Where Street girls match it with dresses and everything!
Not all everyone look good in it.
 As these boots scream attitude and funky.
You need some kind of charisma to be able to carry that boots.
I actually bought a pair of red Doc Martin because
 its so in trend.
Sadly after one wear, my feet was punished
with so much blister!
I had to endure wearing it and thank God for
the compliments I got or else I would have taken it off!
Still I love Doc Martens!

Someone asked me this question,
"Is branded shoes that important?
Why can't I buy ABC shoes, it's trendy and cheaper?"
So my replied to her was that it doesn't have to be branded.
Comfort is most important and buying a pair that last.
You can buy 10 pairs of ABC shoes just because it's cheap but
it won't last. In the long run you'll be spending more
on ABC shoes because it tears easily.
Compare to investing in one good
classic designer shoe, you save more!
To me Bags & Shoes are investment pieces!

 That pair of shoe must protect your
 feet beautifully inside and out.
But of course once you purchase
a pair of designer shoe you won't stop!
Because now you understand the feel
of its quality leather and workmanship.
The smoothness and comfort that
it provide becomes your bestfriend....

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