Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Agyness Deyn Falls Fashion History

Many of you would have known by now that Agyness Deyn falls in
a recently Charity Fashion show for Haiti organized by Supermodel
Naomi Campbell. She didn't survive the walk wearing that 7inch Burberry platform.

In fact, Agyness fell twice.
At the end of her ordeal she decide to took the shoe off.
But she wasn't the only famous models that has fallen down the runway during a fashion show.
Coincidentally the organizer of the fashion show, Supermodel Naomi Campbell
was the one that made fashion history by falling down in Vivien Westwood fashion show.
So does Agyness fall 'outshine' Campbell? I guess not. 
That platform Agyness wore was nothing compared to Campbell's. 

Who would dare to walk in that shoe?
Miss Campbell did. She tried and bravely walk but...
well you know what happen.
Oh my... you could broke your leg or ankle if you were to fall hard.
That's one of the professional hazard of being a high price
Supermodel. One fall could make or break you professionally.
You could disgrace the designer and eventually get blacklisted.

I'm truly feel the agony for theses models in this Prada Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show.
They look terrified walking down the catwalk in those heels.
Yes this is one of Prada 'famous' fashion show.
Oh did I heard that few models refused to do this show when they saw they heels?
Miuccia always love making models wore socks with heels
season after season.
That's the part making difficulty in walking, its slippery.
I love the shoes but it's impractical.
I wonder what happen to that model who falls and took off
the heels, did she survive after the show? Did she get a trashing...
I mean it Miuccia, you know...

Watch this hilarious clip where the news presenter couldn't stop laughing
watching the model falling. 
Just for laugh. Trust me you will join in.

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