Friday, May 21, 2010

Dress up Singapore! It's James Bent!

Dear Mr James Bent,

The news about 'someone' taking pictures of trendy people 
around Orchard Road was buzzing around..
When I heard about it, I told myself, not another one! 
Not believing the news from the little birdie 
who whispered to my pretty ears, I brush it aside. 
Then little birdie keep chirping and said,
 'Go out Moey, he could take a picture of you!'. 
Little birdie was so eccentric about this mysterious guy
 taking pictures around town of trendy people. 
I let the birdie chirping away...

Seriously, I told myself, Trendy, Fashionable Singaporeans?
Do they exists?
All I see everyday, Singaporeans in their 'normal uniform',
 which is tees, jeans, bermudas, shorts, flip flop!
I gracefully trying not to include...
'CROCS!' (closing one eye to that word)

Please enlighten me,
 show me the way where are these Trendy Singaporeans.
Little birdie came back to me the next day and 
told me to check out 'Outre' on the website.

Which I did and I'm happy.

Happy to see that there are Trendy & Fashionable Singaporeans.
Happy to see Good Photography.
Happy that somebody did a good presentation of it!

That somebody is you, 
Mr James Bent.

Fashion is a bitch. 
Its required tremendous hard work.
Every profile you took is a masterpiece that cost sweat out of you.
The process of going around town, taking pictures of people is not an easy task.
In the end of it, the result was fantastic.
And I love it that you input some personal touch of yours,
(the picture of a cat, the parrot and your shoe!)
Kudos on your dedication to this tedious work.
Thank you Mr James Bent for Outre.
Its another platform for the fashion
people or general to be excited about.
Also a source of inspiration for all.

So I'll cheer the people of Singapore,
Dress up! Dress up! It's James Bent coming your way!
Dress up Singaporeans!

I will thank little birdie soon!


All pictures by: Outre by James Bent 

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