Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Come to my Art of Window Display

How many times have you walk pass a shop and you have to go in
 because the window display grasp your attention?
Your hearts melts like soft butter & you have to make a purchase.
That's the power of Window Display.
Shops don't need to put a gorilla in the window.
Well, with exception of the picture above....

I love &  appreciate a good window display.
You'll know that the brand puts an effort & thought
in dressing up their windows by the presentation of it.
Clean windows are most priority!
A concept, usually a message that the designer/boutiques
wants to convey.

We can't deny that the windows are the soul to the boutiques/malls.
The importance of it will make or break a brand.
The ones thats stand out provide a deep impact,
its like watching your favourite movie or a play.

You just want to be affiliated with that brand because
you feel that you've just found your new bestfriend....
You need to spend time in the boutique/mall,
get to know the merchandise, look around,
try something you fancy and finally to the cashier.
Knowing that today you're not going to spend but 
because of the window display, you did!

Here are some window display that gets my attention
while I was in Bangkok.
Some of these window display are so extra ordinary & unique.
Most of them are from local designer boutique!
Everything is thought process and paid attention to from
the frontage of their store to the interior design.
It's make shopping more fun which is what shopping experience
supposed to be!

Your eyes are not playing a trick on you.
This is supposed to be a view from the top.
All props & mannequins are mounted from the wall.
I love it!
I must say Bangkok local designers ROCK!
Thanks for the creativity Bangkok!

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