Sunday, January 3, 2010

Travelounge: Lights! Secrets of Sex! Food in Japan!

When the day turns to night, Shibuya doesn't sleep! 
After the heavy downpour, I was so bored in the hotel that 
I decided to take a stroll down the road. Didn't expect anything but just wanted
 to enjoy the cool weather and the sights of the street by night. 
The temperature dipped, luckily I was prepared with my leather ZARA jacket! 
As I walked down the street of Shibuya at 8pm, the roads are getting busier... 
maybe people on their way home from work. many guys just loitering around the streets. 
Braving the cold, I searched the alleys & lanes for adventure!
 Upon close inspection.....that last me till midnight these are 
what I learnt about the city of Shibuya....

The Fabulous Shibuya 109. I love this place! Non stop
levels of shopping! What you need you will get it here!
Mostly street fashion wear and I'm Loving it!

This Order & Pay Vendor machine. Order & pay here.
Get your ticket, pass it to the counter and get your food!
So fun that I wanted to bring this machine home!

The Lights! Billboard! Almost blinding you!
They are everywhere and of course I'm Loving it!
Wish Singapore have more Billboard!!

This yummy mighty delicious hot soba that comes
in a tiny bowl! Simply home-made-powerful! So good that
I wanted to bring the chef home! The best part it's cheap!

The inside of the eatery. Small & cosy.
I'm telling you, the best food are from these
local eatery and not from the restaurant! You'll find
real authentic dishes here. Recipe from the traditions & brought
down from generations.

The delicious eatery shop!
Very home-made food.
Just lucky to stumble
to this place!

Tuck in the back alley...just across the eatery..
I saw this! Well curious... I did
venture in... to find you know what..
Sex toy! Penis pumps, vibrators of all sizes...
OH! you know....the usual suspects!

Not sure where I was...I keep going in further
the lanes & saw many video shops.
Small ones and this big one!
I figured that it's must be a video
renting shop! So I went in and it's not...
The rent video alright! but it's porn!
Customer can view the video in the comfort &
privacy of your own room. So all the guys that I mentioned earlier standing
on the streets were actually pimp and they are from these shops!
They are looking for customer for sex shop and I was daring enough
to approached one of them. Sadly they don't understand English.
I don't speak Japanese. All he said in English that I could fathom was,
'Girls...Drinks Happy Hour...'

This is a smaller sex shop. Selling all kinds of
sex toys & videos. I say it's really cool!

The Lights of Shibuya, colorful and captivating.
What you need you
will find in the street. Sex? Food? Happy Hour? Billboard! Fashion!
Shibuya 109! Many other High End Brands too!
I love this place!
So much to embrace! The city breath a different air from
day to night. The best part of it all...these places are just next to each
in a walking distance.
Happy travelling & adventure if
you're heading to Japan!

Travel location: Shibuya, Japan


  1. nice post! really nice trip you have there!

  2. hey! I did have a nice trip! Thanks!