Saturday, January 2, 2010

Half-naked models, Vodka & Party!

I love year end, it's where all the party begins!
So many party and events so little time! I'm rushing from one party
to jetsetting to stores functions that left me breathless!
So much things to blog about but I save the best party for last!
Here is one of the best organized party! Starhill Year end party which was held at the famous
Luxe Velvet Underground. Firstly I love Velvet, for it's history, people
and setting, nothing can go wrong in Velvet.
You'll leave the place with a tingeling sensation aftermath.
Which linger for a time being....
This party was fun, wildly safe with generous amount of programmes line up!
Kudos to the organizers and event planner for this memorable party!
Till next year...but now see what I meant by PARTY!

Beautiful Ringmaster!


Drag performance!

gorgeous models!

Circus freaks!

Red Carpet welcome!

Silver male models!

Vodka drinking games!

Circus performance


  1. Kumar... is it the one who gives super funny talk?

  2. yes thats him! he was so hilarious as usual!! I had a blast laughing!

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