Monday, January 18, 2010

Excuse me, are you a....BITCH?

This article may be offensive to some.
Content include sexy pictures!
Also reading it may be contagious and influence to yourself!
Read it at your own risk!

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She's everywhere. She can be whoever we know.
Bitch also can be a male.
Really?? ( act SURPRISED..with big twinkle eyes)
Yes darling....
Why is it alright  for most of us to be so comfortable
or get so engross in using that word?
As if that's the only word in your vocabulary, beside the word FUCK,
Who is this BITCH?
They can be anyone!
Friends, Teacher, Your Boss, Sister or a Stranger.
So if someone called you a Bitch.
Why? SO?
Lindsay Lohan got no problem with that..
Let's analyzed...
Which kind of BITCH category you belong to?
Let's find out Bitches!!


1. BFF. Yes your Best Friend Forever!

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The one that's always stick by your side in everything!
Ready to defend you in any hostile situation and fight along side your side!
In time of crisis, she will swing her Marc Jacob bag at your enemy.
Cry and laugh with you....aww...
You girls are so comfortable with each other that you claim her as....
 'She's my Bitch!'.

2. Public Enemy. The no.1 in your HATE list.

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This person is somebody you know well enough.
Something had happened that soured your relationship with her. She could be your ex-BFF!
your ex-classmate or even ex-boyfriend! She has done a terrible deed to you, for example back stabbed you, slept with your boyfriend and does everything she could think of to hurt you emotionally. Heated arguments, harsh words and occasionally cat-fight will occur when you two cross path!
It became so terrible that everyone knows about it.
You have no second thought to make it public,
 as your fiasco with her continues over Facebook!
You casually update your status as..."Ugly Fat Bitch! Go to hell!'
After which you'll tweet too.

3. Your Demanding Boss!

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Let's Face it!
Not all of us are lucky to have a nice boss. Especially in the fashion Industry!
The unlucky ones have to endure his/her demands and attics.
These bosses are hard to please. Think 'The Devil Wear Prada"
Worst part of it, when they like to micromanage everything! Throwing you projects and datelines and supervise your every move! Wants you to update her/him on every little detail.
 In moments of chaos, you smiled at your boss as she/he slapped another project on your desk,
 in your heart, a silent SCREAM echoed....
"You Son of a Bitch!"

4. Drama Queen!

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This girls is a attention seeker.
She wants to be popular, all in a wrong way.
She wants everyone to concentrate and talk about her.
(Reminds me of Lohan)
She's selfish and childish. She don't care for the other's needs.
She'll do anything to get attention and try to outshine everybody ( that includes little girls).
Will  post cam-whoring pictures of herself online every minute.
Talks of unimportant topic, gossip and will mimic like a child. She usually comes from a rich family background. This is because she thinks that she can get away with everything she does.
At a most point, she can be so irritating
that you walk off and say...."Stupid Spoilt Bitch!"

5. Queen Bee!

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She's the talk of the town!
Beautiful, sexy and popular! She could be a celebrity.
A cheerleader or a someone with a title, Beauty queen, Debate team,
Class Head, School Community or does Charity!
She has a clique and every girls wants to be like her.
She's a role model. 
When she speaks everybody listen and
she get invited to all the cool parties.
Most important of all...boys LOVE her.
When you see her catwalking down the hall,
with her nice outfit and neatly do go..."Lucky Bitch..."

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Such a strong word.
Some people may get offended by it.
Some seems Love to be associate with it.
Maybe it's too phat?
Maybe it's becoming in the society?
Maybe she's born with it! (sing it with Maybelline's jinggle)


  1. im no.1 BFF Rulez!

  2. this a funny nice story... Yes my boss is a bitch!