Saturday, January 2, 2010

This is why I LOVE Lady Gaga!

I got Lady Gaga, Fame Monster CD two days after it was released. Yes of course.. 'Bad Romance' was the first track that I played! Yes of course I did sing along to it...and yeah the ahh ahh ohh lala...thingy..yup... did all that with all my glory! It's OK, I was alone in my room! So the next day when I was out and about in the street, the whole stores in Orchard Road was playing 'Bad Romance'! You see the sales people singing along with so much gusto! So I thought...I was not the only Gaga one!

But this song was not the main reason I got her CD. After listening to her first debut album, I knew that this Lady is not Gaga. She has something hide beneath that masks and costumes. I really do love her style! This Lady got so much talent. So I dismissed her as one-hit-wonder artist. She's here to stay.

The one song in her, 'Fame Monster' Album that got me straight to my goosebumps was, 'Speechless'. This song is bigger than 'Bad Romance' to me. Its keep playing in my head and the lyric is so substantially deep. There's no 'ohh la la..' or ' Papapa poker face' kind of cheesy liners. This song is just so well written. It's like 'Don't speak' for No Doubt, that made Gwen Stefani famous also reminds me of Tori Amos. Performances on the piano, no one can beat that of Tori Amos. Tori is the genuine artist who gave such performance in laid-back attributes and 'shut-up! or I wouldn't play!' attitude to the audience. Lady Gaga has taken that approach and the influences of Tori, with that I simply LOVE it! The attitude, passion and the connection between the artist and her instrument make them whole as one. It became a stunning performing Arts.

This video of Lady Gaga playing 'Speechless' on the piano...made me cringe in a fabulous way. I haven't seen one darn good performance of this kind for such a long time. Way beyond Alanis, Fiona Apple and Tori Amos.... With this performance she is herself, this is her true identity, the costumes and gears well...maybe it's just her cleverly marketing herself to the younger pop generations. Whatever it is, everyone has a reason to fall in love with Lady Gaga be it her songs, her costumes or her dance move, mine would be this...Lady Gaga Live performances on the piano...Simply Amazing! Does make me Speechless.....


  1. Lady Gaga is cool! thks for this great vid!

  2. thks for posting this vid! love it!