Sunday, January 3, 2010

Travelounge: Hardcore Harajuku!

I'm in Harajuku Japan! The weather is cold!
It was raining and the slippery pavement makes me walk like a geisha!
Afraid of falling flat on my face I took small steps while my eyes wanders.
I love Harajuku! In fact I love Japan! It's Fashion are amazing!
Amazing.... Shibuya is so trendy. Harajuku is the heartbeat of all...where it's started.
Sadly I managed to spot a few Harajuku girls but they decline on photo taking!
What's up with that?
Anyways I was told by a local acquaintance that these girls are rare now.
With more fast forward fashion brands from the west open in Harajuku,
the girls are now looking more 'normal'.
I don't know how true is that but she did mentioned that
there are only certain days when you will be able to see true blue Harajuku girls.
Sadly when I was there, that was not the day! In all that theory,
still I wander around the streets just to venture and look-see-look-see....

This very friendly guy allowed me to have a photo with him.
He definitely stood out from the busy crowd.
A little chat with him says that he's a graffiti artist and so...snap!

I took the metro/subway. It was fun and easy.
May get confusing because there's so many poster
and advertisements all over the place.

Yes! Enjoy beautiful life! That's so cute!

This is where all the independent local designer shops
are. Some looking like Haji lane...

Cosplay shop

Stumble upon this weird graffiti...maybe the Afro guy did this?

This shop signage made me burst out laughing.
Sorry but its corny.

This guy start to pose in front of me when
he knows I was clicking away at the streets!
He gave me a series of poses!
Well I just took one.
Love the Uniform darling...

I learnt that people here eat and go, not sure why?
Maybe it's the culture?
Here you have boys gobbling their food on the go.
In the eateries I notice too when they finish their meal they leave.
Not like us still chit chat for another hour after our meal
when other diners are waiting upon for seat..

Not sure what these guys are doing standing in the middle of the road.
but when I got close they seems to pass some papers to selected people.
I wanted to have it but they walk away! Hmmmm!
I still wonder what is that......

I hope to come back soon... when I save more money!
It's expensive in Japan...but it's worth to see the people and culture.
Just a vast different from the rest of the world....
The night life of Harajuku & Shibuya paints a different story...
The Lights! Billboard! Sex trade! Secrets in the ally!
Great food! Other Amazing Stuff!
Come back soon for the dark side of the streets...

Travel Location: Harajuku, Japan

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