Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't cha' wanna H&M in Singapore...fashionistas?

If you haven't got the news, let me it break for you.
The hottest fashion piece of information thats hotter
than Paris Hilton, 'That's hot!'
is that H&M is coming to our shore, finally!

Lanvin for H&M

Yeah! to most of us,
Nay! for true fashionista...

I bump into a friend in town and before we said 'Hi',
we exclaimed....
'Have you heard?!'
Then I replied 'yeah!'
and we talk about it like on & on...
about H&M coming to Singapore.
We said goodbye without saying, 'How are you?'
(gosh! where's my manners?)
...but hell 'ya it was such a powerful small talk!
We understood each other & concern about
our feelings regarding this issue...
She's a stylist and travels a lot and both of us do.

H&M in Americana, Los Angeles.
(Wish I could show you more pictures of this store,
but the security was tight..)

Small talk meant to be let just me tell you...
she don't want H&M to be in Singapore.

It's something to look forward to visit H&M stores
when we're travelling!
Now it won't be special.
Not in the, 'Where to go?' list.
Not in the, 'What to shop?' agenda....
To which, I agreed.

It's like a treasure not to be found here
that you'll gain bragging points
when exchanging fashion buys with your friends.
'Oh! Got this fabulous top from H&M in Japan!'...
(with twinkle starry eyes..)
It's also well serve as a starter topic to chat with fashion people
& acquaintances in parties.
It all started with this H&M top which led to when, where, the weather,
the flight, the service...on..&...on...&..on...

Well, most of us travel to Hong Kong to get quick
dose of H&M fashion which is near.
I do love H&M, the only piece I got
was a Lavender Top which still hangs in my wardrobe.
Wore it once.
Got it while I was in Harajuku a year ago.
Oh!! the weather was so cold &
it was Christmas in December.....(got my point?)

Lanvin for H&M

In fact, I did blog about it!
To know what my sentiments about H&M
coming to our shore or to see pictures of H&M Harajuku
read here.

I'm so much in love with this Lanvin for H&M commercial,
saw it first in LA, in my hotel room & I can't seems to
get it off my mind.

H&M will reach our shopping paradise shore only next year.
Where else in Orchard Road.
'Till then get some Lanvin for H&M in Hong Kong
or anywhere else if you're travelling.
You still got a change to brag.

P.S. I think my prayers has been answered...

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