Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flashback : Style of Cherry Currie, The Runaways & Cherry Bomb!

The Runaways, The story of musicians Joan Jett, 
Cherie Currie and Sandy West and their all-female rock band 
The Runaways.
 The Runaways stars Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, 
Michael Shannon, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Brett Cullen. 
The Runaways is directed by Floria Sigismondi 

I didn't managed to catch it on the big screen when it was released!
So I had to wait until it was out in DVD.
Boy did I regretted not watching it in the movie...
I was totally clueless of who Cherry Currie is,
Joan Jett, she I knew and I confidently thought this movie
was about her. Which Kristen Stewart's role was.
Finally I got to see a different side of Bella, I meant Kristen.

Dakota Fanning & Kristen Steward on
the stunning covers of Dazed & Confused Magazine.

Cherry Currie blew my mind away!
Dakota Fanning did a fabulous portray of her, 
really stunning performance!
I was mesmerized at how young she was when she became 
a rock star! 15 years old to be exact. 
This girl is the real gem, if only she was not
caught up in drugs, I'm sure she's bigger that Hole.
That's my opinion.

Inspire by the fashion of 'The Runaways'!
Love Cherry's style & looks.
Feminine sexy rocker kitten.
Strong yet venerable.
She was inspired by her idol, David Bowie.
That she almost became the female version of him.
Corset, gold tops, tights, high heels!

'Boy meets girl' looks of Joan Jett.
Tough demure yet masculine.
Leather jacket & pants! 
Love the scene where she 
first purchase her leather jacket with loose coins
and got it from a guy!

Check out the eccentric fashion of this movie!

I love the fact that they, 'The Runaways',
holds on to what they believe in, that was,
Rock & Roll.
Such passion are rarely in this age of time...
Everything is now package & make believe superstars.

'Cherry Bomb' will be infectious after you hear it.
It stuck in my head for days after watching the movie.
Watch 'The Runaways' original performance
of 'Cherry Bomb'.

Cherry Currie dropped out of the band soon after
the band found fame.
Joan Jett as you all know still Rocking, Rock & Roll.

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