Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering Model Bonny Hicks, SilkAir flight 185 Crash 19th Dec 1997

On the 19th of December 1997 SilkAir Flight 185 crashed
into the Musi River of Indonesia, Sumatra, killing everyone on board.
The news that shocked the nation will always be remembered
by all loves ones & dear friends.
Bonny was one of the passenger, she died at the age of 29.

I missed Bonny so much...that every year at this time
I will read, 'Heaven Can Wait' by author Tal-Ben-Shahar.
The book eulogized her, covers a honest short-lived
intimate of the mind friendship between Tal & Bonny.
A friendship that lasted a year, sparks
intellectual & profound conversations between them
was brilliantly written by Tal.

I had the chance to met Bonny years before
she died, I remembered being so shy meeting her.
She was a beautiful & a stunning lady, a model definitely.

I smiled before her & she presented me
GO magazine with her autograph on it
I was thrilled!
We never spoke, but I will always remember
her smile. I knew she was special.
Special enough that God loved her more.
Her autograph, I framed and it sits on
my writing desk, like a little shrine until today.
Every time I need inspiration, I look at Bonny.

Dear Tal,
Where ever you are,
Thank you for this gift.
Thank you for the note.

I've never forget to spread light & goodness
wherever I can or go.

Where I am right now, I have learnt something or two...

It's the light themselves are always in front of us, sometimes
we just choose to be blind.

Reminder to another human being justice & forgivable
and that is wholesome goodness.


I always wonder, until today,
that there will be no other model/persona in Singapore like her.
A talent, a God send, a message behind
that ourself need to unfold, she was almost an angel.

Till now, I believe that don't wait for time,
do the things that you always wanted
to do before you're gone...
Do it now. Do it right.
Do it beautifully.
That's the message for myself...
because like Bonny had said,

"The brevity of life on earth cannot be overemphasized.
I cannot take for granted that time is on my side—because it is not....
Heaven can wait, but I cannot."

People can say what they what,
if we keep listening & be afraid...
we can't live, we can't move on.
We need to change, that's part of life process.
It's our responsibility to make sure our soul
can't be mundane or life is useless.

She will always be my inspiration for this life.
I will not plead, 'Bring back my Bonny to me',
because I know she's in a better place now...
that because of her,
I am alive.

Thank you Bonny.

Bonny Susan Hicks.
January 5 1968 - December 19 1997.
A model, a writer & Philosopher

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  1. I also miss her and still remember her ..that is why i search for her. Bonny i shall remember you always

  2. Hi Kelvin, we all missed Bonny so much...thank you for dropping by.

  3. God bless you Bonny. I remember you even as I sit in Auckland, New Zealand, reading your book as I rampaged through my old boxes. You were like a candle light flickling in the breeze. I wonder what adventures you would have taken on.........