Friday, December 31, 2010

I cried when I saw this...farewell 2010..

I didn't prepare any post for the New Year, I didn't have the time...sorry.
Didn't even thinking of posting anything at all.
I was just resting & reading status on Facebook.
My mind was blank...until I was looking at pictures on my blog.
I was doing a lot of changes on my blog the last few days...
and I was having 'creative block'. I wanted a new change for my blog.
Editing & deleting some stuff...and
saw all the old posts... and started to reminiscing.

Gosh what have I done?
Where am I?
What is this?
Is that me??

Some make me smile, some made me laugh hard!
Some are just plain silly. Some made me so emotional...
Most of the time, I was rushing between time, places
& spaces that I didn't take time to breathe...
I didn't notice.
I did not take the time to enjoy the moment.
But at the end...
looking at these picture above...
I did!
I did what I wanted to do for the longest time.

I want to capture me...I wanted to preserve a memory.
When I was young, I hated to be photograph.
Now that part of me growing up was not preserved,
it seems that I didn't all.
My childhood memories are just in my head,
and soon they will just fade away...

I was afraid to have a picture of me taken then.
I was afraid people would laugh at my pictures...
because I was a fat kid...
Now, I know that I was never born skinny..
I was not meant to be a model...
I knew that long time ago...
and I've been thru' all the agony of
wanting to be skinny & being accepted.
I guessed I've grown out of it.
The only acceptance and approval that I
need is from myself.
You can still laugh at my pictures now.
I don't mind at all. Seriously.

Now, before I die, at least my dearest friends
& love ones know that I do exist...
and they have a place/pictures for that...memory.
I was never a model, you can hate me
for being vain, shameless or over indulgence of oneself.
I'm just carrying on with life...
Life is who you are, that's God's precious gift
to you to make use of it in this moment.
You will never have a second chance again,
which you already know that.

This moment of life cannot be under utilized
because there's more inside of us then we know.
Moving onwards, a new year is here..
I don't want to make resolutions.
But I want to remind myself & you fabulous
people who has been there for me from the start,
to face a 'BRAVE NEW YOU'.
Because sometimes, we face obstacles alone...
and it's hard to do it alone.
I know a lot of you out there are so talented and gifted,
shine thru' this year! Make it happen!
Do the things that you always wanted to do!
Be in the picture!
The ones who laughed at you are the ones who are lost inside...

With this, I bid farewell 2010...
welcome 2011!


p.s. Don't hate me cuz' I'm a fashion blogger.

Thank you.

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