Friday, December 10, 2010

Travelounge: Amazing Thailand Never Ending Story

In Thailand, everyone smiles, you can't help it but to go along with it.
There's no time to waste as you go along your way
shopping thru' endless bargains along the streets or in the mall,
time seems to fly. Which means you're having fun!
Trendy fashions can be found in Platinum Mall.
You'll be grasping for time there going thru' hundreds
of shops that offer wholesale prices.
Be sure to go there early before 7pm local time
as shops starts to close by then!

In Thailand, there are endless possibilities of escape from
the world. Name your fun and you got it here.
You'll missed Thailand even before you're home.

The secret hideout & places thats waiting for you to explore
holds beyond your imagination,
You just breathe.

The grace of Thailand goes along way...the laughter
and the faces of happiness... in Khao San.
A place for the indies, hippies & Bohemians.
This is the place for their fashion style.

Unity of the people, the King. Prayers, Beliefs
and Traditions felt so strong.
The vendors along the streets making
a living. I will miss bargaining my shopping
trips. It never can be done back home.
I must say I'm getting a hand of it since the first time,
I'm improving!

Street vendor waiting for customers.

Although it's hard to be a fashionable there,
as the weather is extremely hot & humid.
Dress light & keep your designer stuff at home.
It will save you on unnecessary troubles.
Also, vendors will bargain with you more when you
dress simple!
Thailand never fail to surprise me.
Hope you enjoy my photographs moods.
I know I'll be back soon!

Travel Location: Bangkok, Thailand.

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