Monday, December 6, 2010

Travelounge: My Sanctuary...Bali

I adore beach holiday.
When there is a need to escape from the typical hectic schedule
from city life, I need a beach.
Ironically, I do not like water activities.
However, I appreciate the calmness & serenity that
sea view can offer.
Bali was my temporary escape sanctuary for a moment.
The memories from the sound of the breeze, the beating of the waves
meeting the shore and the smell...of the Island of the Goddess,
still vividly play on my mind.

Bali is mystical & full of superstitions from the locals.
Being there,one must respect this aspect of it,
never say you don't believe in it.
The Island that hold thousand of history will fascinate you.

I was told that if you're planing a holiday in Bali,
a good hotel will save your stay.
I took their advice, thank you.

After goggling & researched of a good hotel,
I stayed at Novotel Benoa Hotel at Nasa Dua.
Nasa Dua is more quieter area and if you love
privacy & need to get away from the crowd this is the place for you.
A vast differ for Kuta, which is so busy with
tourist & street sellers that comes to
you at every corner offering their goods to you.
That can be very disturbing.

What they said is true, a good hotel is a must in Bali.
There are so many hotel there which you will
be spoilt to choose from and the cheaper ones are so tempting!
However, you decide on whats your needs are.
Mine, basically, I need a front beach hut..
a getaway feeling like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon!
The feeling was great & smooth...
Waking up to the sounds of waves & fell asleep
to the sound of waves.
Watching the people in their water activities by my
window & sipped on Pina Colada
with frangipani on my ear....

My sanctuary....Bali...
for the lovers & friends...
A magical place where your senses ignites...
Feel alive once again.
I'll return soon!

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