Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top 10 Best Dance Performances of all time

Let's Dance!
Put on your reeeed shoes and dance the night away!
From David Bowie to Lady Gaga who has the best dance moves?
With the current released of 'Street Dance',
the dance mania is still going on strong.
Comes to mind that who has the best dance
performance of all time.
There're plenty, but these few performances came strong to my mind.
They changed and contributed the course of dance history.
 Influenced the music industry and most important changed people's lives.
Be Inspired, Dance is now Art.

The List.

10. Paula Abdul - Straight up.
Simple, classic dance moves by Paula Abdul herself.
Paula is the real star, she sings, dance & choreographed other artist too.
I wondered why the ex-American Idol judge stopped singing?
It's one of those videos that stand the test of time.
To watch video, click here.

9. Beyonce - Single Ladies.
From Justin Timberlake and to the hundreds of wannabes
whom had tried to copycat Beyonce!
Nothing comes close.
She's the Queen of Clubs.
Sleek dance choreography and infectious to watch. 
Sexy & Bold.

8. Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation.
Janet videos are thought process art pieces.
This one is a 'Nation' on its own.
I love Janet's music videos, she never failed to introduce
 fresh new ideas & trends to her music.
Time biting precision & choreography.
I love the meticulous concept of it from the outfits to the stage & the storyline.
Still being awed by Rhythm Nation even after so many
times I've seen it!

7. Fame 2009 - Kherington Payne's Performance
This is my favourite scene in the movie!
Kherington seems so effortless in this performance, she owned it!
Music- 'Black & Gold' by Sam Sparrow.
Contemporary sexy routine.

6. Madonna - Vogue.
The craze that started it all.
Gay community embraced it with loving arms & worshiped Madonna
for this gift of dance. Its all about posing & poise.
Vogueing is fabulously useful on a podium or when the dance floor
is full and you can't do big movements.
So, just do it! Vogue!
To watch video, click here.

5. Honey - The Movie.
I think its all because of Jessica Alba that this movie rocks!
I remembered everyone desired to be like Honey & the
soundtrack was playing everywhere!
To watch video, click here.

4. Flashdance - Alex dance at Mawby's Bar
Another tough cookie to follow.
She's a maniac!
Fat burning aerobic craze!
Love! Love! Love!

3. Chicago - Cell Block Tango
The spread eagle!
"not guilty!"
Catherine Zeta-Jones is amazing!
The best choreographed scene ever, the stage, lights & the mood
is fabulously produce.
Just fell in love again watching it...

2. You Got Serve.
The Movie that started it all, after which came Step up,
Stomp the Yard & many other.
While the other hip hop movies have their own dance moves,
You got Serve is still the best Hip Hop movie.
I guess its the chemistry and 'brotherhood' that this movie
portrayed seems real and it help that they had a very strong cast.
Powerful acting & serious hip hop moves!

1. Michele Jackson - Thriller.
The King of dance!
From moonwalking to Thriller, millions have tried to follow his steps!
On every dance floor, there's surely someone somewhere in the world
is doing Micheal's moves. He influences many and I love Micheal's
music videos as there's always something to be inspired about.
I'm torn between, 'Remember the time' & 'Thriller'.
I love 'Remember the time' because it's like watching a mini movie
with a stellar cast of Supermodel Iman & Eddie Murphy.
However 'Thriller' had to top the list, its classic,
never anyone can repeat what Micheal had done
because it wouldn't be the same again.
To watch video click here.

There's my list of  'Top 10 Best Dance Performance of all time'.
Is your favourite performance listed?
What is your top favourite?
I have another one, which I love so much too,
it would be listed on number 11.
This one plays a huge influence on the dance scene.
It's superb performance caught by many
that tried to imitated but again nothing comes close to the original.
Here it is...

Brr it's cold in here!
From the movie 'Bring it on'.
Love the spunky attitude of the Clovers!
Watch it here.

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