Monday, October 18, 2010

Travelounge: Beauty of Burj Dubai

The City that was once said to be the next Singapore in terms
of economic & business hub.
Famous for its extravagant architecture, souks,
desert safari, the biggest Aquarium in the world
& the tallest building in the world.
The one must hot stop shopping destination in the world
that offers the mixed of the best of both world, East & West.
Exotic locations & the only 7 star hotel in the world,
Burj Al Arab in Jemeirah.
You'll be awe by the sight of these
wonders of the world.
Bold, adventurous & mysterious that's
Dubai for me.

I just can't get enough looking at Burj Al Arab.
One day if I'm a millionaire or there's
any kind sponsor, I would love to
experience staying there even for just a night!

The famous Dubai Mall Aquaruim that recently cracked and Leaked!
The news made headlines all over the world. I had to see it!
It's really breath-taking. This huge aquarium sits in the middle of the mall.
It's amazingly huge, I can't get the whole view of it in my camera frame.
The Dubai Mall aquarium advertises that 33,000 sea creatures live inside.

It has the capacity to hold 10 million litres of water
It is one of the of the largest tanks in the world at 51m by 20m by 11m and
features the world’s largest viewing panel at 32.8m wide and 8.3m high.

The front viewing panel.
You need to pay AED25 to get in the aquarium and the tunnel.
Which I did pay!
Which is about $10, it's not too bad.
You get close to the viewing panel
and go thru the tunnel.
The 270-degree acrylic tunnel is rather small compared
to Underwater World in Sentosa.
A really up close and personal experience
with the sea creatures.
They even offer diving courses here!
I heard that the course are popular and check this out!
The diving instructor and it's student!
I think it's really cool!

You can see how close or rather how low the tunnel is!
One of my friend didn't want to go in because she really afraid!
I guessed if you suffering from claustrophobia
you will avoid going thru here!
I'm not tall but when I raised my hand
I could almost touch the ceiling!

These silver surfers art installations is one of many
in Dubai Mall.
One should visit this huge mall.
Wear a good shoe for mile walking marathon
in the mall.
There's so much to do & see in this mall.
From High end designer names in fashion mall
to the aquarium and Burj Khalifah.
You'll might want to spent a little more time here
until the evening to catch the dancing fountain.
The view is spectacular by night!

Behold, another wonder work of architecture design
of Atlantis The Palm.
This man made island is world famous because
of Hollywood celebrities made their home here.
Atlantis is the focal point of The Palm.

Amusing is the word, everytime I remember this moment
or watch this video again, it's just make me smile.
Wonderful and Spectacular!
To see is to experience, the magnificiant view of this
dancing fountain and the world tallest building Al Khalifa.

I was amused by it as the water dancing to the beat of
Arabic music which is something refreshing.
Nothing that the eyes and ears have seen before.
To be honest, I did let a little laugh upon hearing the music.
Suddenly I realised, hey! I'm in Dubai! I'm a tourist!
Yes, there are dancing fountain in Sentosa, Big Deal you might say,
but we don't have the pride of having the tallest building
in the world to complete the beautiful scene. The aesthetic of it is so
breath-taking. Watch the video and catch Al Khalifa at the ending part.

Burj Al Khalifa is so majestically amazing.
So high you thought you might reach heaven.
That building simply takes you away and you ponder,
'How can tonnes of steel stand so high?'. This world's tallest skyscraper
stands at the height of 828m with 162 floors.
I was upset because the observation decks was closed until further notice.
I didn't manage to get up there, was told by the counter staff that the observation decks are close due to the construction of Armani Hotel.
It was open for a while but now it's not. Such my luck.

Burj Al Khailfa also hold world records for the following:

• Tallest building in the world

• Tallest free-standing structure in the world

• Highest number of stories in the world

• Highest occupied floor in the world

• Highest outdoor observation deck in the world

• Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world

• Tallest service elevator in the world

What's Inside

At The Top, Burj Khalifa
Observation deck on level 124

At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa
Fine dining restaurant on level 122

The Residence
900 Burj Khalifa residences

The Corporate Suites
37 office floors

Armani Hotel Dubai
160 guestrooms and suites

Armani Residences Dubai
144 private residences

The Park
11 hectares park, 6 water features
3000 underground parking spaces

The Club
4-storey fitness and recreation annex

Hopefully, next time if I return to Dubai definitely I will go up there

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