Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solange Azagury-Partridge opens in Singapore

Witchy Diamond Ring - 
18ct white gold & diamonds

“There comes a day in every woman’s life 
when she wakes up wanting diamonds,” 
believes Solange Azagury-Partridge.

Star Spinner ring - 18ct white gold & diamonds

Solange Azagury-Partridge is a successful jewellery brand that 
has developed the poetry of an exclusive modern luxury brand.
 Since Solange opened her first shop in 1995 on hip Westbourne Grove, 
coming to Solange Azagury-Partridge is to enter Solange’sworld and 
her unique idea of jewelleryand creativity that is visionary.
 As a jewellerydesigner, she has an iconoclastic, irreverent 
and phenomenal approach.

From top clockwise: 
Fringe ring - blackened white gold & diamond
Hot lips ring -  silver & red enamel 
Hot lips ruby ring - 18ct blackened white gold & rubies

Its magic and inspiration has attracted an international 
clientele of rockstars, directors, artists, fashion designers, 
photographers and connoisseurs in their quest for individuality. 
Her jewelleryis never pompous or smug but highly creative. 
It is approachable and made to suit the mood and character of the wearer. 
Poetic and surrealistic, her pieces, often symbolic, tell a story. 
The offer is complete and covers all needs with: Gothic Gold, 
Accessible and High-Jewellery, Perfume and Objets. 
Her idiosyncratic designs play in the intimate link between
 women and jewellery because jewellery matters to women 
in a more profound way than just bling.
Solange now has one store in London on Bond Street and 
one in New York on Madison Avenue and will be opening in
 LA on Rodeo Drive in October and Singapore in November.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & the City 2
wearing SAP random necklace.

Jennifer Aniston wears SAP Opal fruit bangle, 
Milky way necklace,Diamond Raindrop necklace, 
Bidi ring & Supernova ring.

Thandie Newton wears SAP Old fashioned necklace
and emerald Step ring.

Sienna Miller wears SAP Shooting star earrings and rings,
baby lonestar earrings and Opal fruit cuff.

 From top: Heart of Gold Pendant - 18ct red gold
Bleeding Heart Pendant - 18ct yellow gold & red lacquer
Opal Fruit Bangle - 18ct blackened white gold, colored diamonds & opal
Love written ring - 18ct red gold

Her passion for design, her acute and unconventional sense of beauty, 
and her instinctive understanding of the meaning and
 roles of jewellery have led her, from an early age, to her position 
today as the leading, trailblazing designer-jeweller of her generation.
With no formal jewellery training, and no prejudices or preconceptions, 
Moroccan born Solange Azagury-Partridge started by working 
with costume jeweller, Nicky Butler of Butler & Wilson, 
and then with decorative arts dealer, Gordon Watson,
 where she discovered great masterpieces of 20th century jewellery. 
It was her decision in 1987 to design her own engagement ring,
 set with a rough diamond, and much-admired, that propelled Solange 
into her creative adventure as a fine jewellery designer. 

Mary Jane ring -18ct blackened white gold & diamonds

In 1990, she set up her own company, and in 1995 opened her first shop, 
in London’s Notting Hill, a luscious velvet-dark jewel-box of a boutique
 that quickly drew an international clientele of design-driven devotees, 
including rock-stars and movie-moguls, all searching for a totally new
 and relevant creative expression for precious jewellery.
Solange led the way forward with new generation talismanic ornaments, 
layered with cultural depths, their designs poised between pop art 
and ancient mysticism, irreverent and iconoclastic. Her huge, expressive power rings,
 alive with colour, touched with playful fantasy, and rich in gems and enamels,
 were, and are still, the creations most closely associated 
with Solange’s dynamic design. Through her rings, Solange heralded 
the rediscovery of jewellery as the most powerful ,
 personal expression of individual style. Solange was creative director
 of the iconic Boucheron house from 2001 to2004. Both her pieces for 
Boucheron and her own label are part of the jewellery permanent
 collection of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and V&A in London.

Solange Azagury-Partridge 
opens in Singapore
The first Asian flagship store opening in the fall 
on Orchard Road in Ngee Ann City.

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